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After Bankruptcy drops off credit report

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    After Bankruptcy drops off credit report

    I am confused I had a bankruptcy that just dropped off my credit report and my score DROPPED 37 points. What's the deal. I have no plate payments on established accounts. Any ideas on how ling this will last or if the score will go back up? I was better off before it dropped . Any ideas????

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    The way that the FICO scoring works, even bad things on your credit report will add to your "average age of accounts" and can help your score. This is why I tell people to be careful of disputing old items; mostly because after 2 years the affects start to decrease.

    For the accounts that you have now, and that are reporting, the recency and the utilization rate will matter a lot. If you are over 9% in utilization, have a bunch of installment loans, have some "consumer" installment loans and the accounts are less than 2 years old, your score would likely suffer. Since FICO is very picky about things and you have no bad accounts on your report, your utilization and the age of your accounts is likely the issue.
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