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    Care credit

    Is care credit possible during Ch. 13? Credit score 630

    Yes, but you should have permission to incur debt. I must also say, and you probably know, that Care Credit is not the best source for paying medical bills unless you pay off the entire amount during the promotional period. They pray on those that believe that they'll payoff the debt before the promotion ends, but the super-majority of their customers do not payoff the debt. Then the accumulated interest all comes in full force as a single additional charge to the account... the second that the promotional period ends.

    I do have a Care Credit card with a $7K line (they closed my other $11K line), but it's for a true emergency. I do carry a little bit ($600) on that line to keep it open (as they're notorious for closing unused lines).

    The bottom line is a.) you usually need permission to incur debt in a Chapter 13, and b.) watch out for those so-called promotion periods. I have not found Care Credit to be BK sensitive since their entire purpose is to charge high interest fees and allow clients to accumulate interest by offering zero-interest financing.
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