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Start Chapter 7 ... some questions

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    Question Start Chapter 7 ... some questions

    Some quick notes about my case

    - over 50k in CC debt between two banks
    - received summons 18 days ago . sued for 18k. i have to file a response in 12 days (??)
    - behind in rent by several months (5k+) . covid rules has allowed me to remain without eviction

    - no house, renter (behind in rent)
    - a car i own worth $5k
    - cash less than 2k
    - misc house stuff, books, clothes, etc worth less than 5k

    No job and no income since 2 years... def no income in last 60 days and 6 months
    - got by with debt
    - occasional cash gifts from family
    - selling off stuff (ebay)
    - small gigs along the way

    Presently unemployed

    Honestly i dont know how i survived this long without income..but then again i have over 50k in debt staring at me lol

    I have read as much as I can and started to pretend fill out the forms. I have an understanding of the exemptions (wild card of 30k in my state CA to probably cover everything). But as I fill the forms I am realizing what i dont understand.

    So on to my questions

    - how do i answer my summons? Do i ignore it and let it default to judgment? try to buy time by somehow learning how to pro se some response 'answer'? I wont have everything i need to file properly in 12 days
    - I did not file taxes for this year or last (2020,2019) since i had no income. Do i file it as 0? If so do they want something from IRS or can i send in a copy of what i filed (ie a print out of my return that i made out)
    - do i have to explain how i got by for 2 years? how im making not income now yet somehow paying rent? will they demand i am lazy and need to find work so i can pay the creditors?

    Sorry if i ask to much all at once. Im a bit stressed at the moment

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