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Services to sign up with before having a bankruptcy in your credit report

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    Services to sign up with before having a bankruptcy in your credit report

    What are some services worth signing up for, before a background check will reveal a bankruptcy in your history?

    • nanny-ing / baby sitting services
    • house sitting services
    • ... ?
    • car sharing of some sort?
    • ... ?
    (I know some background checks won't look at your credit history, but some might).

    Many background checkers will use LexisNexis. Yes, that LexisNexis that knows everything. But, unless they run a full report, which cost much more, they won't get back things like parking tickets or bankruptcies. The average company is looking at the background check to find criminal history and nothing more.

    Now, if you're applying for a fiduciary position, the background check will be a moderate one. If you're applying for top secret clearance or a significant fiduciary position, it will be a complete background check with education verification and validation.

    I don't think any of what you listed use anything more than the baseline background (criminal) check. I could be wrong, but based on what I've been through (multiple background checks including national security-related checks) seem to indicate that the average background check is simple.

    The cost of verified and validated background checks, which dig into your entire life, can cost thousands. That's just not happening for the average person for the average job.

    TL/DR: most background checks used for employment are simple national records checks, a/k/a a criminal background check. Fiduciary and national security (or public trust) positions will be more intensive and include actual credit checks.
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    Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


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