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Bankruptcy and government travel cards

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    Bankruptcy and government travel cards

    I'm debating between debt negotiation or chapter 13 bankruptcy right now. My position at work requires I maintain a travel card, and I know that chapter 13 will cancel all my personal cards. Would it also impact my work travel card?

    It should not impact your work travel card. If you hold a security clearance, however, you would need to inform. your designated security officer that you are or have filed. Generally speaking, all government charge cards and most corporate charge cards are actually guaranteed by the employer.

    American Express is different in that most AMEX corporate charge cards are joint liability. In that case AMEX may cancel the card, but the employer can re-issue as a corporate-only guaranteed card. My employer did this for AMEX; joint liability card had a $75K limit and corporate guaranteed cards had a $5K limit (unless raised by the office of the CFO).
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