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    Dental Insurance

    i'm looking for dental insurance that will kick in asap, to get braces. anyone here who could suggest a good one, affordable and almost ready to use?
    by the way, it's not for me, My friend son's needs his teeth straightened, dentist suggest for braces, But she currently don't have one for her son.
    she wants to have his braces done before school starts again.


    A lot of times the dentist will actually have a recommendation as they want to "sell" so to say the service. Did she check with them?
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      Note that most dental insurance policies only cover maybe 50% of major dental, including orthodontics. The best thing your friend could do is to check with the orthodontist that is being considered to do the work and see what insurance plans he/she accepts and what he/she recommends. All it takes is a phone call to their office and ask for their insurance section. Many orthodontists also finance.
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        I am not overly optimistic about dental insurance in general.
        I just made a few calls for my ds, who needs wisdom teeth out. What I learned: minimum 6 mos waiting period for most services; cost/benefit ratio very very low (250 bucks ins gets you 500 max benefits; 600 for 1k) Hardly worth buying imho

        Please post if y'all find something better. My son outgrows his Medicaid benefits next week - they were excellent btw. Only covered til 19

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          You might try Careington dental. It is not insurance but you can get up to 50% or more discount same day. $6.95 a month per person. They have a pretty large network of providers using them and searching for one is easy. I have recommended it to two of my friends and they are happy with the discount and the particular provider using Careington which in my case is Aspen Dental. They are not limited to Aspen though. I had $2000 worth of work done for $1000.
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