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Chapter 13 Medical with ongoing health issues

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    Chapter 13 Medical with ongoing health issues

    I am just trying to find out if I was to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to medical bills I have cancer and my out of pocket is sky-high. Would I lose my doctor? Will, they be able to deny me medical service?

    First, welcome to BKForum. Second, I hope that you are able to deal with this cancer and that you don't have even more upcoming medical bills.

    Yes, you could include your medical bills in the bankruptcy, but I would guess that most doctors would no longer want you as their patient if they suffered a significant loss due to the bankruptcy. While a hospital can't deny you medical services, a medical provider that suffered a loss would likely be able to deny you non-emergency service.

    This is why some people continue to pay their dentist or primary care doctor because they like continuity of care. However, cancer treatments are much more than a typical $1,000 or $2,000 bill with the dentist of primary care physician. I would not reaffirm or agree to pay despite the bankruptcy because the entire reason for the bankruptcy, is to avoid paying back a significant amount of the medical debt.

    Now, having wrote that, you have insurance so you're paying your out-of-pocket directly to whom? If your insurer has been paying your oncologist, then I don't see any issue at all. The oncologist would have been paid by your insurer. Do you owe money directly to your doctor or to the insurance carrier?
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