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Pro se with lawyer help?

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  • justbroke
    You could just obtain free bankruptcy consultations with several attorneys. They may not get into any detailed legal specifics, but it could give you a chance to see what you could experience. You could also ask them if they provided paid consultations as well, but you may be better off trying to get the basics down on filing, and then seek help for specific legal questions.

    I used an online attorney service where you paid a token amount for response. I think i used JustAnswer. In my particular case I ended up knowing more than the two attorneys that responded, but at least they supplied me with information which established that I was on firm ground with my understanding. My issue was specifically with lien stripping back in 2008. This is not a recommendation to use Just Answer, it's just one of the services that I used when I filed back in 2008.

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  • JackSpratt
    started a topic Pro se with lawyer help?

    Pro se with lawyer help?

    I'm planning to file for chapter 7, and I want to file pro se. I feel like I could benefit from some legal advice on a few key points of my case, but it is not in my budget to hire a lawyer. Does anyone know if lawyers are ever willing to offer advice in a paid consultation, for less than they would charge to take on the case themselves?


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