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Tomorrow is the Day a little nervous but ready! Plan of action in hand

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    Tomorrow is the Day a little nervous but ready! Plan of action in hand

    Hello out there
    Well July 7th 2014 is the day I file chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
    I'm a little nervous not sure why? But i know this must happen to fix our finances.
    Nolo books have been quite helpful as the people on this site also and i say Thank you.
    July 7th will be my second time filing for Bankruptcy I ponder what got me into
    this place for now a second time? taking the Pre Bankruptcy counseling
    kinda made me think deep down what got me here? I'd say just being irresponsible with money
    would be the true underline problem,I think there was a time when I went through
    a form of immaturity but financially racking up debts and not worrying to much
    about the outcome My wife and myself signed on a 25k SUV with 20% interest
    straight out of chapter 7, 9 years ago then i got laid off from my job with zero in savings.
    At this time i still had learned nothing about Credit or finances I was 24 and in for a rude awakening.
    The SUV was repossessed less then a year after Bankruptcy.
    I was still feeling financially bullet proof till, I went to finance a car again and they said sorry there
    isn't anyway way we can get you approved unless you have 30% down.
    It also seemed like everywhere also wanted a big deposit electric company,phone service you name it.
    The repossession straight after a Bankruptcy was the worse thing i could have done and wont repeat again.
    This time around i will just buy a car outright and build my credit up slowly over 2-3 years.
    As I've gotten older i'm no longer interested in easy credit and the newest phones or clothes
    but a better financial outcome for our family I hope this will honestly be the last time going
    Through Bankruptcy.

    Hello well I'm all done with filing went smooth.
    I walked in around 10 AM bankruptcy clerk took a few minutes
    to examine forms i missed 1 signature so we took care of that.
    next I was sent to another room for filing paid then was given
    my 341 time and date was kinda of nervous,it was very quite in this place
    seen about 5 people in the building the whole time.


      Congratulations on getting the filing done. I am glad the class made you think about how you got to where you are. I wish you the best in reforming your financial habits so you don't have to file BK a 3rd time.
      LadyInTheRed is in the black!
      Filed Chap 13 April 2010. Discharged May 2015.
      $143,000 in debt discharged for $36,500, including attorneys fees. Money well spent!


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