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Received Christmas gift of 5,000 dollars.

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    Received Christmas gift of 5,000 dollars.

    My sister sent me a check for 5000 dollars to spend on bills. What should I do with it ??? I haven't paid credit cards since feb 2009,and owe almost 80,000 dollars . I will eventually have to declare bankruptcy since I am 72 yrs old and no longer am capable of working. My entire income consists of a Federal pension.
    I need advice about the most desirable way to spend the 5 K ,without messing up future bankruptcy filing ???
    I could give it to a lawyer but then what ? Thanks.

    I would suggest you hold onto that money until you talk to a BK lawyer and with the amount of debt (I am assuming it is unsecured) that you have and unable to work that you utilize it to retain an attorney.
    Filed 5 Year Chapter 13: April 2002
    Early Buy-Out: April 2006
    Discharge: August 2006

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      I would hold it as cash, you will need some of it for the bk atty. If you have put it in the bank you will want to use it for living expenses as well as atty fees. You have a great sister! If you are going to file dont pay any of it to your debts.
      Down but not out!! filed c7 august 2011...341 september 2011... Unsecured debt over $100k.....bk attorney $ Priceless!!!!!


        not sure what to do?

        my wife's mother just gave her $7500.00 intended to buy a car, due to her car being repossessed last year. The problem i see here is that we are not ready to file for bk chapter7 until a couple of weeks? what now? further complication is that she deposited the check into a bank we owe large credit card debt to so i asked her to withdraw about $7100.00.... this will look pretty bad to any trustee won't it?:


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