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Can we use a DBA under S-Corp to start new Corp after bk7?

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    I had a corporation.

    My State claims you can not Tradename anything that has been used till after 6 months have expired when the name or similar name is no longer viable. BUT you
    can TadeName it any time if you 'legally' are in control of the name.

    So in my case, my corporation was "BigJohn" Incorporated. Instead of dissolving the corporation ( a cost) I decided not to file an annual return and let the State
    dissolve the corporation for me.

    But before the corporation was dissolved, I filed for a TradeName called "BigJohn". Then I created a DBA that was not similar to "BigJohn".

    Even though the corporation was dissolved ("BigJohn" Incorporated) I still do business in the same location, same phone number as "BigJohn".

    The hardiest part was convincing the credit card processing company that credit cards/debit cards transactions recorded on customer statements
    from their bank should be under the TradeName "BigJohn" instead of my DBA name.
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      Thank you for your input BigJohn - much appreciated


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