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Job loss after Chapter 13

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    Job loss after Chapter 13

    Is there a payment reduction after a job loss with chapter 13? My job is not very stable and I'm constantly worried about losing it. Not only that, the job is so stressful that it has triggered my depression and I was on FMLA for 6 weeks earlier this year, suicidal. Mental health-wise, I need to quit, but I'm scared to do so. I don't have the mental ability to job hunt right now and husband's job will not cover rent, other expenses, and the bk payment.

    It is too dependent upon how your Chapter 13 plan payment was calculated. For example, if you had non-exempt property and are required to pay a minimum amount, there's no way around it.

    However, if you otherwise has DMI that is not tied to that minimum, you should be able to reduce the payments or convert.
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