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When will trustee stop taking my money???

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  • justbroke
    Welcome to BKForum.

    Did you file your Chapter 13 on your own (Pro Se)? In some Districts, the debtor's attorney (or debtor) must file a Motion to Vacate Wage Deduction Order (WDO). In other districts, the Chapter 13 Trustee may do it on their own (file for the WDO to be vacated).

    If you are represented by an attorney, contact them immediately. If you are not represented then you'll need to determine the process. You can call the Clerk of the Court (if you're Pro Se), and ask a "procedural" question on getting a WDO Vacate order submitted.

    (Note: the other issue could be that the WDO order was vacated and but your payroll department never received the paperwork. Again, check with your attorney. If you are not represented, check PACER.)

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  • Raerae215
    started a topic When will trustee stop taking my money???

    When will trustee stop taking my money???

    Hello. I completed my Chapter 13 on
    12/18/2020. The trustee has taken three additional checks. I am wondering when my payroll deduct will stop.

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