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    My husband and I are contemplating filing BK7. We have 90,000 in debt and are not able to afford cc payments, mortgage and everyday life anymore because I am losing my job in 2 months. Not sure where to start. We are 52 years old and own our 2 family home with my sister. My husband can afford house, car and house bills. I will never be able to secure a job making the money I am making. I would appreciate any information anyone can give

    Wow, lots of challenges and misfortune, sorry to hear about that. Regarding filing for bankruptcy, without knowing lots of your particulars, my gut tells me if you want to keep your house, a Chapter 13 might be your better option.

    Then there's the age and the job loss thing; been there, done that, got the tee-shirt, and I'm here to say, "Never say never." In my case, I had a job shipped "off-shore" when I was 58, I got a new job and that was shipped over-seas when I was 60. I ended up teaching myself a new skill, changed careers, and now at 64 am being heavily recruited by some major companies from all over the world; it is an odd kind of luxury to be able to literally decline requests for interviews on a weekly basis and only submit to them when the job being offered is really plum.

    Here's the thing, learning a new skill at our age isn't exactly easy; there were days when I'd say to myself, "I can't do this; I might as well give up." However, unlike kids with young flexible brains, we have huge reserves of experience, and while learning something will trigger us to remember something we forgot back in 1982 which can lead to some very interesting results and/or innovations.

    This is kind of my way of saying, "hang in there"!

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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