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I want and appreciate all your help. Kathy

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    Kathy, I'm still not sure you aren't pulling a "fast one" on us. I believe in "tough love" and yes the Judge has you judged right. You need a good pat on your azz and I don't mean anything but what a proper father would administer to a child with a good ole hickory stick.

    This is all about you isn't it? How about what you're putting your husband through as well as those who help you? Don't count us in that as we are here to help people like you, not only in BK but trouble that leads you to BK. You are on a ladder downward and you have to start the walk upward.

    From the depths the walk is always harder up than the slide down. Grow up, face the music, and as your lawyer said "it's time to pay the fiddler". That simply means in Biblical terms, you are "reaping what you have sewn". Get yourself into reality, quit the pity party, and face your new responsibility. If I were the judge, I'd give you 30 days in jail to reflect and one year probation with pee testing for drugs and alcohol. I would be doing you a favor at that. Sorry, you are in a slippery slide to destruction and only you can stop it. We will voice our opinions as I already have done. 'Hub
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      You won't have any free time and now will have to work your days off good thing free time seems to get you into trouble. I work 6 days a week at my full time and part time job and the 7th day I'm at home doing housework there so you won't get any pity from me girl. Pull yourself up out of the gutter and get to work on making your life right


        "Now I won't have any free time to myself". "And he knows better because I was before him last january on bad check charges when I couldn't cover several checks I cashed at the casino." obviously are not the best judge of having time to yourself so be thankful that someone took care of that issue for you. Ok, not sure what to say about the tone used to bring to light the idea that the Judge on your case should know better and now he put you in a worse situation, his fault is the only word that comes to mind right now...


          I guess that came out all wrong. It's not that I am ungrateful for what the judge did. I do realize that he is giving me an opportunity to face my troubles. In fact, I agree that he leaves me very little room to go astray. But the problem is getting to work is a real hassle now. I don't know how many people here use public transportation but it is a challenge. The 7:15 bus this morning didn't get here until 7:25 and it was cold standing outside waiting for it. Fortunately my sponsor is picking me up after work and we will go to an AA meeting. It clashed with the GA meeting, so tonight will be just the AA one. I don't dare miss that one because the judge does have the power to take more aggressive action. It may have sounded like I am not taking this seriously, but believe me, I am. It's just that it isn't easy.


            Originally posted by kathyc02124 View Post
            The problem I have is now harder because he is making me go to meetings everyday for the next 30 days. That's not going to be easy since he took my license.
            Could be worse... you could have killed someone DUE TO DRINKING AND DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!

            Stop the damn pity party and GROW UP


              Kathy, you are so lucky. You are lucky that you didn't kill someone. You are lucky that your husband showed up at all and bailed you out. You are lucky that the judge let you off easy. You are lucky that you still have a job. You are lucky that public transportation is available at all. I agree with everything that has been said. No one put you in this position, you did this yourself. If you are serious about recovery, you must accept responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

              You do not need 'free time.' Every spare minute should be spent on getting well. In addition to GA and AA, you should get some one-on-one professional counseling, psychologist, physchiatrist, addiction counselor. You are on a serious self-destructive path, and you need help. You are in the medical field, you should have the resources available, use them.

              Your financial issues that brought you here are small in comparison to your addiction problems. If you don't face up to the latter, the former will never be resolved. If you are only going along with the meetings and counseling to appease the judge or your husband, or your friends here, you won't get better. You will have to face the reality and totally focus on using every spare minute to recover, and deal with your psychological issues.

              I know how hard this is going to be, and I so want you to get better, but YOU have to make the commitment and WANT to do it.

              You are in my prayers.


                Stop the damn pity party and GROW UP[/QUOTE]

                Pandora - I couldn't agree with you more. Again it looks like this thread is getting far more attention that it should. Maybe the OP should be looking at a site..such as that deals with helping people with addictions. I don't think this site is the right place and I think the OP is getting far more sympathy then she should be. Sorry.
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                  Sophieanne, I agree. Kathy needs help far beyond the scope of what a forum devoted to Bankruptcy issues is capable of handling.

                  I think that everything that needs to be said in this thread, has been, so I am closing it.

                  Kathy is free to create a new thread if she wishes.
                  "To go bravely forward is to invite a miracle."

                  "Worry is the darkroom where negatives are formed."


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