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Renting and the FICO Pull

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    Renting and the FICO Pull

    So is there a way around the Landlord who pulls your credit score and will almost always refuse to rent to you? What options are there for low FICO scores and / or Bankruptcies on the credit report? Rent should not be the equivalent of applying for a line of credit.

    TurnThePage , I have no idea where you are in Washington State, but we have rented 3 different houses and so far, we have had no problems with any of the landlords. We moved first to Puyallup, then two months later to Renton and now 14 months later, we are living in Issaquah.
    Granted, we received a discharge (Feb.) and closing (May) in 2022, and we were able to back up our applications with proceeds from the Colorado home sale along with my husband's considerable salary, so perhaps that explains why the subject of the still visible BK13 on our credit reports never came up. Our FICO scores were already returning to a much higher pre-BK13 number then while we were in the active bankruptcy. So naturally, our experience has been entirely different from yours.
    Do you have some other family members or friends you could temporarily stay with until you can find a friendlier potential landlord or leasing agency? Can your lawyer provide you with a list of BK-friendly apartments? Could you try to find roommates with whom you could split the rent?
    I know how expensive Washinton is when it comes to housing among many other things, and I wish you only good luck in finding decent and affordable lodgings.
    I hope you are able to get the helping hand you need until you can land back on your feet.
    Don't give up, hang in there!


      Thanks Barbisi -- my fianceé and I were declined at the South Hill apartments in Bellingham. My FICO score is probably around 400 with the current Chapter 13 and multiple previous Bankruptcies. After pulling our credit, they wanted a co-signer who was earning 10X the market rent! You'd think we were trying to finance a Tesla. It was my understanding that good credit would've waived the "first and last month's rent + security deposit," which is reasonable, as we just expected to pay a significant amount up front. But we got the boot.

      The 30-day automatic stay is the only thing protecting us from our current Landlord posting the Writ of Restitution. Time is short and we have no options with bad credit. I filed a motion to extend the stay, and the Trustee is now objecting. I need to post a reply today, and finish my 100 page petition by the weekend, in addition to searching for new housing. So I have alot to do in a short amount of time.


        Well, that explains a lot, LOL!
        TurnThePage , I've heard Bellingham is wickedly expensive, but 10X the rent-that sounds like extorsion to me.
        Can you guys leave Bellingham and move southwards? Do you either of you have jobs that are compelling you to live there? If not, the trustee could care less where you live as long as you make the payments and have some mailing address.
        Does your fiancée have family or friends you could crash on their couch for a while you plan your next move ?( I mean literally!)
        One thing you don't want to have happen to you is that you end up homeless on the streets - you have to avoid that at all costs.
        Good luck and keep us posted!


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