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  • Newbie here with some questions about creditor claims

    Good evening all,

    I am new to the board and just recently filed Chapter 13 in CA and am terrified of the upcoming 341 hearing and confirmation hearings. As it currently stands my payment will be quite significant and assuming all creditors due file claims will be around 60% of my balance...
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  • Discharged!!!!!! To all those who weighed in about passing the Ch. 7 means test...

    I checked pacer and also got confirmation from my attorney: I'm discharged as of last week!!!!! I'm so, so relieved.

    As some of you might recall, there was a discussion on here before I filed about how I could possibly pass the means test... a few peeps here were certain my case would...
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  • Isobel
    started a topic Filing Ch 7 Today...

    Filing Ch 7 Today...

    I meet with the lawyer at 4 pm today to file... after months of pondering and nail-biting. I'm way over the median income for my state, but my expenses are such that I qualify. I'll be letting go of my underwater home that I've been in for 11 years, which is $150+ underwater....

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  • Spousal Waiver in California - Required if separated?

    My wife and I have been separated for almost 4 years but have never actually gotten divorced. It's a long story that I'd rather not get into. We rarely contact one another. I am filing by myself and declaring that we are legally separated.

    I want to use California exemption scheme...
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  • Timing of Foreclosure & Finding A Rental (San Francisco, California)

    I'm planning on filing Ch 7 on July 5th and I'm not really optimistic I will be able to keep my house. Some facts:

    * Feb 2011 - stopped paying 1st mortgage (Wells Fargo)
    * Mar 2011 - stopped paying 2nd mortgage (PNC Bank)
    * May 23, 2011 - received Notice of Default and letter...
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  • Unpaid Property Tax Bills cost Richmond County

    Feb. 5, 2011

    At the end of last year, $22 million in unpaid property taxes remained on the books at the Richmond County Tax Commissioner's office.

    Much of it will be collected, but a sizeable chunk won't. The reason: It's not worth it to the property owner to pay taxes...
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  • Hey California, here's your answer to fiscal responsibility

    Illinois tax increase: why lawmakers passed 66 percent income-tax hike

    No other state has successfully raised income taxes to balance its 2011 budget. The Illinois tax increase would push the personal income tax rate from 3 percent to 5 percent.

    January 12, 2011
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  • Vegas home prices: On the skid until 2032

    January 7, 2011

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Move over, Cleveland. Make room, Detroit. Beat it, Buffalo. There are some competitors for the title of America's most depressed real estate market.

    These are not old Rust Belt post-industrial cities, where the manufacturing economy...
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  • kmiller
    started a topic General Partnership - both partners filing

    General Partnership - both partners filing

    We have a general partnership in California. Both partners are filing chapter 7 at the same time. Do we also need to file as a business or will it be covered in our personal bk?
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  • First Mortgage Exempt From Deficiency Judgment After Short Sale Starting Jan 1, 2011

    December 13, 2010

    A common question from homeowners exploring bankruptcy options is whether to attempt a short sale instead of filing for bankruptcy. This is a difficult question to answer in general as there are a number of factors to consider and weigh based on the needs and...
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  • ddddougggg
    started a topic 10 month salary vs. 6 month lookback

    10 month salary vs. 6 month lookback

    What do you all think/know about this?
    I'm in CA and considering filing Ch. 7 pro se. Here's my situation:

    I am a teacher and get paid 10 months of the year. I have no salary in July and August. If I file in March and the lookback does not include any of the no-salary months, my...
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  • kmiller
    started a topic Personal Exemptions in California

    Personal Exemptions in California

    Excuse me if this is answered in another post, but I could not find it by searching.

    Code Civ. Proc., ยง 703.140(b)(3) states:

    The debtor's interest in household furnishings,
    household goods, wearing apparel, appliances, books,
    animals, crops, or musical...
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  • AFISurfer
    started a topic Should I file in California or Florida?

    Should I file in California or Florida?

    (1) I have not had an actual home for the past 2 years. I've been working off and on as an Independent Contractor during this time which we worked in a different city/state everyday. During my off time I would spend it split up between California, Florida, and a little bit in Nevada. My license is still...
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  • BofA in Calif is foreclosing on first...Is Bof A heloc wiped out?

    My Cal. BofA serviced first mortgage (BAC Home Loans Financing), owned by Freddie Mac, was originated with BofA and is foreclosing. It will be paid in full but the recourse heloc will not to the tune of about $100k. Does the fact that BofA (BAC Home Loans Financing) sold out the heloc and thus merged...
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  • Please share your experience with B of A timing in CA.

    We filed Ch 7 July 23rd and just our discharge notice November 8th. We stopped paying our mortgage beginning with the August payment.

    We are not upside-down with just the first but we are with the twomortgages. In addition there are so many things wrong that would cost so much and we...
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