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  • Caiofbraga
    started a topic Chapter 13 and banking jobs

    Chapter 13 and banking jobs

    Would like to hear BK members experience in applying and getting a job in financial services industry while in Ch. 13....
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  • Caiofbraga
    started a topic Ch.13 BK journey

    Ch.13 BK journey

    Hello BK Forum members. Just signed up for this great forum and I am glad found this resource. My journey in BK 13 started back in July and filing date on Sep 5. 341 meeting schedule mid October. I will be sharing the milestones throughout this journey to discharge, one day at time. Truly appreciate...
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  • Someone please explain this BS to me?!

    We filed chapter 13/ 3.5 years ago. It is not discharged yet obviously.
    My husband needs a car like REAL soon. He owns a 20 yr old truck with over 300,000 miles on it. He’s saved money for a down payment. We picked up the form from the trustee
    ”permission to incur debt.”
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  • Student loans came due this month - need advice please

    We are 24 months into our Ch. 13 with 3 years to go. My husband was in school for his Masters when we filed. Our plan is actually very, very accommodating and we are able to put a nice chunk into savings each month, and I planned to make the payments outside the plan when I thought they would be between...
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  • brucexedward
    started a topic Using Chapter 13 Only For Mortgage Arrears

    Using Chapter 13 Only For Mortgage Arrears

    -Disposable Income: 1,453 (mo) not including Mortgage Payment.
    -Mortgage Arrears: 12,000. 
    -Mortgage Balance: 148,000.
    -Filed Chapter 13 in Texas today.
    -Other Debt: $10,000 loan.

    I'm not receiving pressure for the other loans and can solve them...
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  • Trying to Buy a Used Car after Deer Totaled my car

    We are not even a full year into our 100% payback plan. We received aprox. $3800 from the insurance company for the car that was totaled when a large deer jumped in front of my car. We must have a 2nd car. We have a special needs child that requires Occupational and Speech therapy every week. I am a...
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  • mom2crazies
    started a topic I Want to make sure I understand the 13.

    I Want to make sure I understand the 13.

    I was going to ask this on a couple of other threads, but didn't want to hijack, so I thought I would start a new one.

    Anyway, I am preparing myself for the worst, which would be a 36 mo. chapter 13 (because, we are under median for the 7). I plugged in all of the income (incl. my SS...
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  • cmy
    started a topic Just got confirmed..

    Just got confirmed..

    Our chap 13 was just confirmed this week. Our plan is NOT a 100% plan but with children and what we're confirmed at monthly, it'll be very difficult for us month to month. I'm just glad to be confirmed because it took 4 months. My questions are:
    1. How often does the Trustees look/audit our income/expenses....
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  • Should we fight Motion to deny Chapter 13 petition?

    I am very troubled by a motion filed to deny our Chapter 13 petition. Just before our 341 meeting, I was fired from a part-time job that helped us with our expenses. Now, we get this letter from the trustee about a motion to deny our petition even though we have another job to replace the income we...
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  • Chapter 13, Consensual 2nd Mortgage CRAMDOWN on primary residence.

    I apologize in advance because this post will get a little technical.

    You read that right, cram-down on 2nd mortgage. Interesting new (revised) strategy emerging for dealing with 2nd mortgages on primary residence. Since...
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  • Filed chapter 13 to save home, however it was still foreclosed

    Hi all:

    Im still learning about the whole BK process and all. I filed Chpt 13, hours before my Foreclosure Sale April 6th. From my understanding everything stopped. I received a letter from my mortgage's attorney and I sent them the BK documents. Last week I received a summons from...
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  • My attempt at a Ch7 begins now - here's the details- follow along

    Heres is my financial situation:

    HUSBAND 4,667
    WIFE 2,981
    TOTAL 7,648

    1st Mortgage $164,000, valued at 150,000 Pmt $1400
    2nd Mortgage $95,000 pmt $400
    3rd Mortgage $35,000...
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  • ashbylk
    started a topic Can anyone convert from a chapter 13 to 7

    Can anyone convert from a chapter 13 to 7

    I don't think I am going to qualify for a chapter 7 although I can't pay my debt due to a loss of income. My attorney has been waiting to file until we qualify but in the meantime, i am suffering.
    I saw in some places on the Internet that everyone has the right to convert. Is this the case?
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  • MakinMeCrazy
    started a topic I need some opinions Please

    I need some opinions Please

    Ok heres what happened..2 years ago my husband came into a large sum of money 80K....well we NEVER had money in our lives, so what did we do, we spent it FOOLISHLY! gambling, overnight trips, and about 30K in sensible spending. my question is this, we are now once again BROKE...for one year we lived...
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  • seekingadvic
    started a topic Need Adice

    Need Adice

    Here's my story...I bought a home with my ex (fiance at the time) about 5 years ago in Michigan. The original mortgage was for $85,000 with no money down. My ex was listed first on the home and I was the co-signer. The bank told us that in order to purchase the home, I needed to be the co-signer....
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