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  • Ch7 discharge two months ago, just applied for CapitalOne Secured card and Declined

    My chapter 7 was completed and discharged two months ago. I just applied for a Capital One secured credit card, my first attempt at one, and was declined. They were one of my creditors, if that matters. One of the things the application asked for was salary, which at the moment is only about $14,500...
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  • Filed in 2005 dismissed in 2017 Now have a 2004 examination???

    We have a 2004 examination coming up on July 10, 2018. We filed bankruptcy in Oct 2005. The bankruptcy attys kept our case open till they were finally able to get money owed my husband from his former boss, then our case was closed in July 2017. NOW we get a letter that it is reopened and we are to...
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  • JayTheAvian
    started a topic It's Complicated...

    It's Complicated...

    Just joined this site this evening. I'm a single father of a teenage son with primary custody. We live in Phoenix. I'm almost a year into my Chapter 13 case and now dealing with a complex set of issues and have a number of questions.

    First, I'll tell you what led me to file BK in the first...
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  • mrsSM
    started a topic Filed Chapter 7 Married

    Filed Chapter 7 Married

    My husband and I filed together, we've been discharged for awhile now. His credit score seems to keep getting higher and mine is still the same. Also we applied for credit cards to build credit and he get approved for more then I do? Does anyone know why that is? I'm starting to get frustrated. Does...
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  • Malkovich
    started a topic Post-discharge vehicle with no title

    Post-discharge vehicle with no title

    Hello everyone. I am coming up on 2 years since my Chapter 7 discharge and am not sure what to do with my vehicle. I had an auto loan of about $12,000 through Regional Acceptance that was discharged in the bankruptcy. It has a KBB value of about $2,200 today but needs about that much in repairs and...
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  • brandv1
    started a topic Disaster discharge?

    Disaster discharge?

    I have so many questions and concerns right now that I don't know where to start.

    We're in Baton Rouge, and last week our house was flooded (about 17 inches of water throughout the house and no flood insurance because we are nowhere near a flood zone), as well as both cars. One car was...
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  • cspa522
    started a topic DISCHARGED!!!


    It's over! It's over! We did it! 60 long months and we're done! Logged onto the CM/ECF database - I've been checking every few days since we made the last payment/took the financial management courses/sent in all the necessary paperwork - and it's done! Discharged!!! I can't believe it...
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    I am so relieved. My story began 5.5 years ago with a trustee’s audit, a ‘Presumption of Abuse’ and a Dept. of Justice Audit thanks to an inexperienced BK lawyer. It’s a long read but I can’t imagine anyone going through this gauntlet again so I chose to share the major lessons I learned...
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  • Crawley
    started a topic Pro Se DISCHARGE!


    Gotta give a shout out to the folks at the Alabama Middle District. My housing situation made waiting 30 days for the discharge paperwork untenable. A phone call on day 61 got me to the clerk, who got me to the supervisor, who got the judge to sign off on ours ASAP. Printed it off of PACER this morning....
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  • Romie
    started a topic 341 Meeting today!!!!

    341 Meeting today!!!!

    Had my 341 meeting today for my chapter 7 BK Filing, thank god it's over's. Went well.
    Arrive at 9 am waited almost 1 hour for the trustee to arrived.
    My name on the list was last on the first page.
    Name was called trustee ask to verify the information is current, is that my signature....etc....
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  • What is the exact point when the 60 months ends in a chapter 13?

    I'm approaching 5 years and I don't remember the exact point in which the 60 months starts. I filed on 7/2, was confirmed 8/1, 341 meeting was 8/20. I'm in Massachusetts and am not in a 100% payback. Assuming I've now made all 60 payments, at what point should I instruct the attorney to file for the...
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  • Discharged debt 2/2011 from BOA, OCWEN is trying to collect and report on credit

    We filed chapter 7 BK in 2/2011, our debt was discharged in 6/2011. Our case finally closed in 12/2013 because our trustee died and they had to assign the case to another trustee which took time to get him up to speed, pay our creditors and finally close our case.

    We had several...
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  • larry13
    started a topic How long b4 ch13 is off the cr?

    How long b4 ch13 is off the cr?

    If this has been thoroughly answered elsewhere, my apologies. I completed a 5yr 100% ch13 with discharge in Oct. 2012. Filing date was Aug 2007. The last time I checked my scores, they were pretty good, but the BK was still showing. I read that the BK will come off the reports 7 yrs after filing for...
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  • teddybeardj
    started a topic Discharge party at the Trustee's house... :)

    Discharge party at the Trustee's house... :)

    Hey everybody, document 41 on pacer says DISCHARGE.

    And I quote
    "B18W (Form 18W) (08/07)
    United States Bankruptcy Court
    District of Nebraska
    Case No. 10−8*****
    Chapter 13
    In re
    Debtor(s) (name(s) used by the debtor(s) in the last 8 years,...
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  • Greysky
    started a topic And Done

    And Done

    Its official! Just received a copy of our C7 Discharge Order from the Lawyer. Pacer shows standard discharge. We almost waited to do this now I am so glad we didn't. With this weight off of our shoulders we can start rebuilding our lives. Thanks for everyones advice, help, and support on this site....
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