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  • bostonit
    started a topic Finally Discharged!

    Finally Discharged!

    It's been 60 long months but it is finally over. Made my last payment for July and was discharged this morning. Thanks to everyone for the all the posts, it was great to know that I'm not alone. I'm not sure what I'll do with all my free time since I no longer need to check Pacer 10x a day. Now its...
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  • Opening A Credit Union Account After Bankruptcy

    My husband and I recently tried to open an account at a credit union. We were shocked when they denied our membership based on a chexsystems report. The only thing against us was the bankruptcy which was discharged almost 3 years ago. They tried opening the account in my name and in his. He has a previous...
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  • Refused a Refi based on succesful 13? Legal?

    Here's the issue. I filed a Chapter 13. I adhered to my plan and was successful and received a discharge over 2 years ago. The Bankruptcy no longer appears on my Credit Report. I had a home mortgage at the time of filing with USAA federal savings bank. The Mortgage was handled OUTSIDE the bankruptcy....
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  • Chapter 7 - filed Pro Se - Discharged!

    I just wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone who makes this forum a helpful and supportive place!

    Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy was a scary time for me. I chose to file pro-se because I could not afford an attorney and my case was fairly straightforward. I spent hours, days, and...
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  • dgr
    started a topic Discharged...


    We have been discharged.. as of 11/16/2012. starting point was 7/31/12 ...
    After a few months of hurry up and waits, some head pain, filling out papers,
    2nd guessing and tons of what does that means later its here.....
    Thanks to every one that has answered questions or tried...
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  • dina13
    started a topic Discharged!


    We are officially discharged. So happy! I want to thank you all for being here, answering my questions. I've been reading this forum daily, and learning so much. I'll stick around, ready to share my experience.
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  • pookiebear
    started a topic Finished and update...

    Finished and update...

    Just wanted to thank everyone who helped me with my questions. My BK is done and discharge, also they didn't touch the tax return. Was so relieved that it's finished and done. I am proof pro se can be done and discharged. I had to do 2 amendments due to new creditors that popped up but that...
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  • Rozi
    started a topic I'm Closed and Discharged!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm Closed and Discharged!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to do a back flip I am so freaking happy!! I am finally closed and discharged! It took only 3 months! I just want to thank everyone on this board for their help for the last year. It has been crazy and I am just looking forward to my new start! Yay!!!! Happy New Year!
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  • meggie
    started a topic Discharged!


    Well I did it!

    It only took 3 years, 4 months, and 16 days for me to pull the trigger and actually file once I made the decision but I am so glad that I did.

    If only I knew how great it would feel to put it all behind me I would not have wasted any time at all.
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  • Discharged in FL, still no foreclosure/vacant 3 yrs. Should I rent it & do I owe HOA?

    Here's some info for all my fellow Florida neighbors (Sarasota County -Tampa Middle District). After filing for Ch. 7 in 2007 & being discharged in 1/2008 my home still sits vacant. The bank filed a Lis Pend in 6/12/2009, it went up for tax sale by county last July where Wachovia/Wells Fargo paid...
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  • BankruptinNJ
    started a topic Order Discharging Debtor

    Order Discharging Debtor

    I just looked at PACER and the last day for creditors to file objections was last week. I kept checking but it never said if the case was closed.

    I still says nothing about "closed", but I looked tonight and under "History" it says "Order Discharging Debtor -auto"....
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  • jelo6875
    started a topic Discharge Question

    Discharge Question

    So Monday the 15th is our discharge date I was wondering if we will get a paper in the mail saying we are discharged or will I be able to print one out from PACER?? My husband needs to get a truck ASAP and we need the discharge paper to apply for financing!!
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  • If a bankruptcy is reopened - does that mean it was refiled?

    I filed bankruptcy about 8 months ago and it was discharged. A few weeks ago the case was reopened because they said there was an asset, that I was told by an attorney was not an asset, was not listed. Last week my uncle passed away and in the will he said that his house and the money in his savings...
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  • gohornsgo
    started a topic new job after discharge but before close

    new job after discharge but before close

    Hi. I have an opportunity to move to another state and take a job that will pay about 5K per month. My case will close in a few weeks. I am a no asset. I was discharged today.

    Should I wait until the case closes since the income is substantially greater than the limit for a single...
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  • htownvideo
    started a topic Debtor Paid Off Now What?

    Debtor Paid Off Now What?

    So heres the scenario, if you look at my other posts you will see (in short) My sister filed bankruptcy, my brother and I are named creditors,

    Yesterday my sister calls to let me know she got 15K in a check from the Deb Casey the Trustee, Now i looked on the pacer system it does not...
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