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  • jjones227
    started a topic Taxes on surrendered home

    Taxes on surrendered home

    I filed bankruptcy and surrendered my house - both mortgages were discharged. Because of the backlog of foreclosures in Maryland, I sold the home in a short sale. Am I responsible for federal and state taxes for this sale? I owed $180K on the first mortgage and $47K on the second. The house sold...
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  • Chase isn't Foreclosing and now FINALLY we know WHY!!!!!

    i rec'd some rather shocking news yesterday, or i guess i could say more surprising than shocking. some of you, know a bit of our plight.

    just to sum up the situation in a million words or less...we were smack in the middle of a loan mod with chase when we were served our summons for foreclosure....
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  • Florida Mortgage Modification: Dual Tracking as a Double-Cross

    July 16, 2011

    Homeowners facing foreclosure should consider all of their debt relief options, including bankruptcy.

    The foreclosure system is clogged, both in Florida and across country. There have already been huge numbers of foreclosures, and there are so many in the pipeline,...
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  • Justpoor
    started a topic Fl Default just filed a Motion to Disniss?????

    Fl Default just filed a Motion to Disniss?????

    Hi All,

    I'm very confused and can't find anything on the web about this. I have filed and been dismissed of Chapter 7. The house was included in the BK. The home has been in foreclosure for about three years. Now I get a notice of Motion to Dismiss from Fl Default. Why do they want...
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    started a topic Filing BK and foreclosure redemption period?

    Filing BK and foreclosure redemption period?

    I am in a non-judicial state. A bankruptcy paralegal I talked to said that we had until the end of the redemption period to file BK7, which is 10 days after the sale date. Are there any unintended consequences with doing this vs filing before the sale date?
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  • Doesn't always take them forever - wells fargo mortgage

    I just wanted to post because I've seen some people ask about loans with wells fargo. obviously it varies by region, but I live in a VERY high-foreclosure area (was one of the big boom areas and a very big bust area).
    I got the foreclosure notice after 120 days, sheriff's sale is set for 120...
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  • Fresno foreclosure - no need to pay tax, insurance, or maintenance !

    We're surrendering Fresno properties in our bk and today we found out that we don't have to pay the taxes, or insurance or for any property maintenance, lawn care, etc.

    As soon as the lienholder files a notice of default with the county (first step in process out here) they become the...
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  • jefferino
    started a topic Can I keep my rentals?

    Can I keep my rentals?

    I am going to file CH7 soon for credit card debt but I have 2 rentals with tenants in them.

    Is there a way for me to take advantage of this moratorium on foreclosures? I would like to keep the rentals as long as possible so that I can keep pocketing the rent. If the banks will not foreclose...
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  • Why are so many posts about "how can I screw the bank or my credit card company?"

    I know that a lot of people will hate this post but I have to say it. Seems like since the new site came up the posts have changed to, “how can I screw them and stretch this out?”. We are all here for one reason or another. Loss of job, went crazy with credit cards, didn’t really read what our...
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  • Judicial vs. non-Judicial states???

    I'm curious what the difference is between a Judicial and non-Judicial state as it relates to foreclosures. I am in California. Does anyone know which California is and how that relates to foreclosure?

    ...lots of learning to do still...

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  • Stalling Tactics to Stay in House Longer after BK????

    I live in California. I am a month away from my discharge at which point my mortgage company will resume my foreclosure process.

    What tactics can I use to stay in my house as long as possible? e.g. filing any responses to mortgage company documents, should I fill out and send in the...
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  • maclelland
    started a topic MN Redemption period and Fed Form B8

    MN Redemption period and Fed Form B8

    I am filing Ch 7 pro se in Minnesota and need some help with Form B8:
    First some basic information. My house is in forclosure. Minnesota has a six month redemption period (provided the house has not been abandoned) after the Sheriff's sale...
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  • CA foreclosure - Ditech & Citi Mortgage - Have questions

    Sometimes I hate the mail. Just received a letter from DiTech that they will not modify our loan for several reasons....blah, blah, blah. At this point my hubby & I have decided to walk away but we need to buy sometime if at all possible, at least until June 2010 but March 2011 would be ideal....
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  • Business Debt Bankruptcy Question, Investment properties

    I own 15 rental properties as my business (over 2 million in secured debt). A few of them are so far upside down, and I am letting them go into foreclosure. I also owe over $330K (used to finance the property business) in unsecured debt, which is why I have to file for bankruptcy, as I cannot afford...
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  • ats73
    started a topic In a Chap 13 Missed Mortgage Payment..Have question

    In a Chap 13 Missed Mortgage Payment..Have question

    We filed for chapter 13 back in June 2008 to save our houses. We have 2 of them...Long story, we filed the day before the sheriff sale on one of the houses. Recently my hours at work have been cut by 50% and we are no longer able to make the payments on the second house, (the one that was up for the...
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