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    started a topic Florida homestead exemption v. domicile

    Florida homestead exemption v. domicile

    I recently inherited a house in North Florida. I have resided in South Florida for 40+ years. I currently rent after doing a short sale on personal residence and now need to file BK. I'm confused about domicile vs homestead. Once probate is finished the N Fla home will not have homestead for tax purposes,...
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  • Inheritance - How long? Payment of certain debts BEFORE chap. 7??

    I have known for a while that I will need to file chapter 7. I had a medical condition with my kidneys that just racked up thousands worth of medical bills. I can't pay it. It's been about 4 years now. I live in Minnesota, and they sue (and arrest you if you don't show to court, despite never being...
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  • AZNoName
    started a topic Arizona assets - inheritance before filing Bk

    Arizona assets - inheritance before filing Bk

    A family member of mine is contemplating BK to avoid a judgment. She just found out today that she was named in the will of her neighbors (who died 2 years ago). She's rethinking bankruptcy now because she's afraid the trustee will want her inheritance. Any thoughts on this? I heard what's important...
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  • Enrique
    started a topic Re : Gift after/during chapter 7 filing - Help...

    Re : Gift after/during chapter 7 filing - Help...

    Hello All :

    I have question....and hope someone here can answer this :

    I am in the midst of chapter 7 filing and my father has some rental property that he wants to gift to me --- How long do I have to wait after the filing before he can give them to me legally where I...
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    started a topic Inheritance - When are you clear?

    Inheritance - When are you clear?

    My wife stands to inherit $70 million dollars when her grandmother....hahahahahahahaha

    Sorry, just wondered how it felt to say that. Ok, actually, IF she hasn't been disowned by the time her grandmother passes away, she might inherit a few acres of land. We don't actually EXPECT anything...
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  • Want to buy house cash after discharge and possible forclosure soon.

    I was discharged August 2010 (Ca) and stopped making payments on my mortgage. After foreclosure, i will rent for 6 months to a year. I want to by cash a house for 170,000 in Ca. I just discovered my property overseas that was worth peanuts for a long time has now grown to a good sum $90,000. I plan...
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  • Christie
    started a topic Buying a house with inheritance $ before filing

    Buying a house with inheritance $ before filing

    Hi! Looking for some specific advice for our situation. We are in Pa and we had decided to file chapter 7. Just as we made our decision my mother-in-law became very sick and passed away. As we were handling all that we put filing on hold. It turns out that we are receiving an inheritance from her pension....
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  • sore1ste
    started a topic Can I keep part of an inheritance?

    Can I keep part of an inheritance?

    I am in Chapter 13. My brother just died intestate, so my sister and I each stand to inherit half his estate. The estate is about $100,000. Are there any legal ways that I can prevent all of my inheritance from being taken by the Trustee? The amount that I would inherit is not enough to pay of all...
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  • If a bankruptcy is reopened - does that mean it was refiled?

    I filed bankruptcy about 8 months ago and it was discharged. A few weeks ago the case was reopened because they said there was an asset, that I was told by an attorney was not an asset, was not listed. Last week my uncle passed away and in the will he said that his house and the money in his savings...
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  • bankruptcy10
    started a topic Inheritance after discharge

    Inheritance after discharge

    In California, filed Chapter 7 on 10/2009, discharged 02/2010, A close friend of mine passed away in early March. She has passed onto me half of her annuity which is estimated at $38K (this annuity is separate from her will, I was a named beneficiary on the annuity, not sure if this even matters)....
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  • BKmidwest
    started a topic what to do?

    what to do?

    I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy this year (2009) on April 16th and was discharged in August. My 180 days from filing was up on October 13th.

    Unfortunately my mom passed away on Sept 29th, within the 180 days of filing. She had NO will. Her main bank accounts were POD to my older brother....
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    started a topic Inheritance & Chapter 7

    Inheritance & Chapter 7

    Newbie here! Thank you to all who have gone before me in Chapter 7. I've searched the boards for my question, but haven't seen what I'm looking for so I'm posting.

    My husby & I filed Chap. 7 on 1/14/09 - 341 on 2/9/09. We are pro se and I even received a call from our state capital...
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  • limage
    started a topic inheritance question

    inheritance question

    I plan to file Ch 7 in Feb/March.

    After reading the sad stories of posters recieving an inheritance inside of their bk or inside of the 180 days got me thinking.

    I stand to inheret a large trust from my parents. They know of my bk and are supportive and helpful. Should...
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  • Anyone sold a future inheritance?

    I did a search in the threads and couldn't really find the answer, so I'm hoping someone here has some wisdom to share.

    I want to file chapter 7. The paperwork is done and being sent to me for signature.

    I am also a party to a family trust. The trust is to take care of...
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