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  • nexus76
    started a topic Value Automobile Ohio

    Value Automobile Ohio

    I'll try to make this short. Received my first summons from which I assume is the original creditor certified mail on Monday (I have 28 days to answer), I am $47,000 in debt - all credit cards. I planed on filing Chapter 7, just for some reason I thought I would not get sued for a few years. Mainly...
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  • Consequences of judgement Letters before I file

    Hi Everyone.

    I am trying to file bankruptcy in the state of Virginia. I start working this week as an after school day provider (this is after being unemployed for quite some time) so it will be a while before I am able to afford to file the bankruptcy. My state only has ONE pro bono...
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  • Secured debt vs unsecured debt: a legal injunction by a credit card company

    Greetings: Apologies if this issue has been posed already. I'm new to this forum and am filing on my own using the Nolo book.

    My question is regarding the following: Discover Bank filed an injunction against me for credit card debt I owe. I had no funds to pay them, and so pretty much...
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  • IamOld
    started a topic Really need advice!!!!

    Really need advice!!!!

    Everyone once again I need advice from the wisdom here.

    I am being sued - PROBABLY can put off "judgement day" till...June AT MOST.

    SO - problem my older child has a car that was bought with child's earnings BUT it is my name - it's and OLD POS - HEY - just realized...
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  • HOA Final Judgment - Can I discharge ATTORNEY FEES?


    BACK HOA DUES, The HOA association is the Plaintiff, I am the Defendant. The court has issued a "SUMMARY FINAL JUDGMENT".

    The breakdown on the Judgment;

    $1,000 HOA dues
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  • hopelesslyindeb
    started a topic Dont be a dummy like me

    Dont be a dummy like me

    I waited too long to get myself going filing bankruptcy and recieved a letter today stating i now have a 9800.00 judgement against me.

    I guess I new it was coming sooner or later and theres more to come Im in massachusetts and I think theyll be cleaning out my checking account soon hope...
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  • Majakat
    started a topic I need help responding to a summons please

    I need help responding to a summons please

    discover card -

    I have 20 days to file a response, I would rather push back the court date until at least I can get a tax return back and pay my property tax, then file-

    There are 2 parts - Breach of contract and unjust gain - I am quietly freaking out - trying not to let...
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  • blueeyz
    started a topic Recent Application for Judgment

    Recent Application for Judgment

    I am so close to filing. Just as soon as I find out next week if I can do chapter 7 but in the meantime, my domestic partner was served a Summons on my behalf in October. A week or so ago I received in the mail a Notice of Dismissal dismissing the John Doe matter BUT applying for default judgment against...
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  • How to file an Appeal of a Consent Judgement in Ohio (PRO SE)

    I need to file an appeal of a Consent Judgement on the basis of fraud within the next 20 days.

    Can anyway share the basic initial legal filings/forms I need to do this? Any samples is most appreciated.

    I have the Legal Argument all laid out in a detailed Motion...
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  • exHCh7
    started a topic New Judgement after Chapter 7 filed

    New Judgement after Chapter 7 filed


    My exH filed for Chapter 7 on Sept 20, 2010. His 341 meeting was October 13, 2010 and he is now awaiting discharge.

    He was sued in small claims court on August 18 and had a hearing date of October 13 which was continued to November 3 because of his 341 meeting. The...
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  • Chapter 13 Confirmed - two creditors did not file Proof

    I received my confirmation earlier in July. I noticed that two creditors did not file proofs of claim and I wanted to know how this would effect me after my BK is done. Please not both of these creditors were included in my chapter 13 petition and were aware that i was filing for bk.

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  • How Long for Judgement after stopping CC payments ???


    I live in Washington State.

    I have not paid my CC bills since November.

    I am wondering the time frame is to expect to have a judgement filed against me.

    What should I expect as far as notification that a judgement is being filed?...
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  • Ready to file on Monday, The Big first step is here!

    I am ready to file next week, most of the paper work is done, just dotting the I's and crossing the T's. I put off filing for BK for Year and half because of the fear and now took me 2 weeks to do it with the help of this Forum and the NOLO book, Thanks to everybody's Postings.

    I need...
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  • Car Seized even while making payments towards judgement.

    I had a judgment against me for money owed to an apartment complex. I received a letter after stating I had 30 days to contact the law office and make a payment agreement. The office was contacted and I agreed to make a monthly payment and have been ever since. No payments have been missed. Yesterday...
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