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  • Student loan satisfied but no longer after discharge

    I’ll keep this to the facts. I’m seeking any experience on this matter as my attorney, the two trustees he talked to and a second attorney have never experienced this before and not sure what the best course of action is.

    I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2022. I wrote a check to the...
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  • imtryingtho
    started a topic Student Loan Forgiveness🎉

    Student Loan Forgiveness🎉

    Will Biden’s student loan forgiveness/cancellation apply to loans in a Chapter 13? What are we assuming? 🤔 My husband and I both received Pell Grants so if they apply, it would wipe out his loan and make a substantial dent on mine. If nothing else, the loan we still pay on that is in my dad’s...
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  • freshstart21
    started a topic Question New to this with many questions

    New to this with many questions

    Hi forum experts,

    I'm so glad I have found this forum since there are so many threads with great useful discussions.

    I have been unemployed since just before covid and is currently overseas. We (wife with a 2 and 4 year olds) decided that we should stay overseas because covid...
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  • USA Funds cancelled the offset to collect my tax return. BUT...

    I've already finished my taxes this year. My tax return's current status shows that an offset has been applied and intercepted my tax return. USA FUNDS sent me a letter stating they have sent a request to the government to cancel the offset since I just consolidated my loans and...
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  • What does this mean:Sallie Mae: There will be no arrears at the time of reactivation.

    Greetings, Everyone!

    As I was researching about student loans POST CH7, I came across this from NOLO:

    "There will be no arrears at the time of reactivation."

    I really hope this means what I'm thinking. Does this mean that even if I was a couple...
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  • Can filing BK stop my tax refund from being taken for student loans?

    I am in Michigan. I have student loans, which are in default, from years ago. I haven't worked in a few years. This year I am working but not making much. I have been contemplating filing BK for a while. If I file bk before or right after I file taxes next year, would my taxes still get taken for my...
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  • 4bees
    started a topic Pro-se, Auto-stay, Sallie Mae

    Pro-se, Auto-stay, Sallie Mae

    Since filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy pro-se in December, I was under the understanding that an automatic stay entered into place whereby a creditor is required to cease collection efforts against me. Since that time, I have been receiving non-stop calls and letters from Sallie Mae and their guaranty...
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  • Student loans came due this month - need advice please

    We are 24 months into our Ch. 13 with 3 years to go. My husband was in school for his Masters when we filed. Our plan is actually very, very accommodating and we are able to put a nice chunk into savings each month, and I planned to make the payments outside the plan when I thought they would be between...
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  • Student Loans: “When You’re in a Hole, Stop Digging,” Appeals Court Agrees

    "The Eighth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel upheld a lower court’s ruling discharging $204,525.00 in student loans, despite the lender’s argument that the debtor could have continued her education and sought higher-paying employment as a chiropractor.

    Shaffer v. U.S Department...
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  • missfontella
    started a topic Student loans were discharged?

    Student loans were discharged?

    I am highly confused, as I usually am by the time I decide to ask you guys question.

    Okay so, I have paid attention on the forum and I know that student loans are not dischargeable in chapter 13 bankruptcy unless you can prove undue hardship.

    But I was wondering if that...
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  • Spouse filing 7 alone, Do we include my income and debts for Means test

    Husband has 1 rental foreclosure property (payment approx. $900 mo., it was our primary residence 3 years ago but husband had to relocate from Minnesota to North Carolina. We rented it out to 3 different renters. Each of them lost their jobs. We now rent out for just a small payment ($325) and...
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  • Inheritance - How long? Payment of certain debts BEFORE chap. 7??

    I have known for a while that I will need to file chapter 7. I had a medical condition with my kidneys that just racked up thousands worth of medical bills. I can't pay it. It's been about 4 years now. I live in Minnesota, and they sue (and arrest you if you don't show to court, despite never being...
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  • keepinitreal
    started a topic Pending student loan defaults

    Pending student loan defaults

    I'm reaching the end of my 3-year unemployment deferments on Federal loans (Parent PLUS) for my 2 children that I began borrowing in 2004 and ended in 2009 when I was laid off.

    I'm still unemployed and in my mid-50's. I'm married and the loans are in my name only.

    My wife...
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  • adm
    started a topic Adversary/Pro Se

    Adversary/Pro Se


    So, I owe about $175K in student loans, $28K of which are private. Am current with loans (was continually deferring feds or paying $50/m). I was discharged from Ch.7 in Sept'10 and we filed an adversary proceeding to try & eliminate or reduce my student loan debt. I have a good...
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  • Need advice having debt nightmares and being sued.

    I will try to keep this as short as possible. I really need some sound advice because I am literally waking up in the middle of the night because I am so worried about this.

    First a little back story:
    My name is Tasha, I'm 22 years old, I work as a CNA (10 dollars per hour),...
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