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  • Salem3671
    started a topic How long can the Trustee keep my BK 7 open?

    How long can the Trustee keep my BK 7 open?

    I filed my Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July of 2017. It was discharged 11/01/2017. The Trustee took my 2017 taxes (partial) and the pending settlement of a MVA that she received the funds for in February of 2018. She has had all of the available cash for over 2 years. On 01/14/2020, the final report and...
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  • burgCentral
    started a topic Strategic Default - BK planning

    Strategic Default - BK planning

    Thank you for your time,

    In 2013 My wife and I separated but didn’t divorce so I could stay on her insurance. We both each purchased a home, her in Riverside county and me in Los Angeles county. We got back together about 2 years later 2015, I moved in with her and converted mine into...
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  • mnmama
    started a topic Spending cash the days before filing

    Spending cash the days before filing

    We plan to file on Monday. Our lawyer has said that we are likely to lose part of our tax refund in April. The less cash we have in our bank accounts now, the more of our future tax refund we can exempt.

    We currently have about $500 in our bank accounts. We already did the car's service,...
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  • Justbaroz
    started a topic At a loss and out of ideas

    At a loss and out of ideas

    Colorado 2017 our house burned down and we lost everything. The only house we could find was higher rent. Months later I get demoted in a political coup and lose roughly 27% of my net income.

    2018 we're under so many garnishments and threats of pending new ones we can't afford to live....
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  • JJH77
    started a topic Recently filed w/questions

    Recently filed w/questions

    I've recently filed and have some questions regarding reaffirming my car:
    i reside in New Jersey and want to keep my car. I'm current on payments (never late). Some say reaffirming the car is good and some say not good. We really need this car bc this the only sort of transportation we have and...
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  • Chapter 7 -- 341 trustee issues in Atlanta -- please help!

    I had my 341 meeting for chapter 7 in Atlanta today...what a mess. Probably the biggest issue was that I pre-paid my dentist prior to filing - from my bank account, not on credit cards - for a procedure to be done 2 weeks later. The dentist required pre-payment, and the procedure was phase 2 of dental...
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  • 341 this morning. Attorney suggested not to see trustee last minute!

    (San Diego) So 15 minutes before I go to see the trustee, my lawyer looks over my bank statements and with a confused look on his face pulls me into the hallway.

    He says he's concerned about the expenses not being enough to offset my income (I'm self-employed) and suggests that I don't...
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  • stanpendula
    started a topic Contact the Trustee

    Contact the Trustee

    I was discharged on 7/7/2011 on an asset case. On December 2011 I finished paying the Trustee all the money he asked from us. Since then, nothing. No news. Case is still open. I spoke with my attorney and he is against contacting the Trustee to find out updates. Is he right? [to adopt the waiting...
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  • cem40691q
    started a topic Late payments...

    Late payments...

    Hello all! I have been making regular payments on my ch 13 for about 1 1/2 years, but then lost my job. My payment has been $2000 per month. Up until now, my account was $1600 in arrears from April.. my payment is due on the 25th. I do not have that complete payment.... I have gotten a new job now...
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  • stanpendula
    started a topic Payments just before filing ...

    Payments just before filing ...

    My story ... read and learn.

    On the 22nd of the month I made a $1,500 cashier's check to pay the rent. I mailed the check that day to my landlord who deposited it on the 1st of next month. On the 23rd (next day after I mailed the check) I filed Chapter 7.

    Now the trustee...
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  • Wantmypeace
    started a topic Report on 341 Hearing today

    Report on 341 Hearing today

    Well, WOW! I'm glad it's over, but it was very stressful.

    There was one lady ahead of us who told the trustee she had spent her tax return to pay back her parents for an air conditioning/heating unit they had bought for her when hers died. As soon as she said it, I thought, "OH...
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  • kphipps34
    started a topic Higher Income Bankruptcy

    Higher Income Bankruptcy

    My husband and I make approximately 111,000/year. I have over 50,000 dollars in credit card debt, 24000 in repo cars left over, and a 43000 garnishment for a Heloc on a foreclosed home. I also have 50,000 in student loan debt. We moved to Georgia 4 years ago and got into a mess with a mortgage company...
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  • JenniG
    started a topic When the homestead is NOT exempt

    When the homestead is NOT exempt

    My husband and I filed bankruptcy recently and were told by our attorney that our home would be exempt. We then had the meeting with the trustee and soon after found out that the trustee is arguing that our home is not exempt because we purchased the home in Nov 2007 and some of our debts were existing...
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  • spidge
    started a topic I feel good after 341.

    I feel good after 341.

    Had 341 meeting for our Ch 13 BK today and all went very well. We were in the second (9:00) group so we were able to see the trustee's representative clean up some of the earlier (8:00) cases that had some misses. One attorney was actually fined $500 out of his fees from the debtor for failing to take...
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  • Help! Material Misstatement Found in Random Audit.

    Our Ch. 7 bankruptcy was randomly audited (in 25 years our lawyer says he's had only 3 of these). The auditor, in his report to the trustee, found a material misstatement - we inadvertently ommitted a number on one of our car values. The correct estimated value was $18K and we had $8K on the schedule....
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