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Consideration for chp 13 late mortgage while being very ill.

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    Consideration for chp 13 late mortgage while being very ill.

    Sick with Flu and COVID caused mortgage to be paid 2wks late. Only I had access to my account. 1st late while in chp 13.

    Mortgage company threatened and said they are notifying trustee.

    My lawyer office has not answered my calls or emails. 🙁😢

    Well notifying the Trustee and filing a Motion for Relief From the Automatic Stay (RFS) are two different things. The RFS is more severe because they're asking the court. By notifying the Trustee they hope the Trustee admonishes you without much fallout. I think it will be more like "don't do that again" or arrange automatic payments.

    I think this is more like "I'm telling your mother" rather than "I'm calling the police." Of course, mom may be worse than the police, but with the police you could be arrested.
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