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traveling abroad after discharge

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    traveling abroad after discharge

    Hi my bankruptcy was discharged two years ago and I've been doing good. I'll be traveling soon to Canada for vacation and would like to ask if anyone who has traveled to another country has mentioned if they had a bankruptcy when clearing customs. I know that customs and immigration will ask if you had any criminal records ex. DUI's and would like to know if you need to mention this. I wouldn't like to be rejected and not be able to enter Canada because of me filing bankruptcy. Thanks

    I have never heard of such a thing. I have traveled to The Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Belize, London (U.K.), and have never been asked such a question. In fact, Customs doesn't ask questions about your personal history; it is immigration that seeks to determine if you're a suitable person to allow entry.

    In most places, they only ask the purpose of your trip. At US Border crossings, when I re-enter, I am not asked anything anymore as I have a trusted-traveler card (sans the "customs" declarations).

    The last time I entered Canada at Windsor, I was only asked the purpose of my trip. I said just to visit scenic Windsor. I was allowed entry in less than 15 seconds. It was the US side that gave me a whole lot of trouble on the way back! (I live in Florida, but was working in Michigan at the time. Trying to explain that had me sat back down while a supervisor reviewed my information. Turns out that the CBP officer was a first day trainee and the supervisor apologized. Since then, I obtained a global-entry, trusted traveler card, so they "know" who I am.)

    On a side note, I was impressed by how much the US CBP knows about people. They have access to a lot of databases including non-US databases (think InterPol). They gave one Canadian person a hard time because they didn't remember their "arrest" in a foreign country. It was priceless when the CBP agent told them and the person wishing access looked dumbfounded. They were not allowed entry.
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      thanks I appreciate the information!



        Being Canadian..i travel regularly from the U.S. to Canada to visit family. I have NEVER ever been asked about finances or ifi've gone bankrupt. As a matter of fact I renewed my green card last year and that was not a question on the renewal paperwork or in the interview. Relax and have a great vacation.
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          thank you sophieanne!


            I agree. My wife is from Canada and we filed Chapter 7 jointly and we have never had any questions or problems at either border.


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