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7 year itch

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    7 year itch

    I am new to this site. I went searching for something that may be able to help me understand or give me ammunition to fight the below situation.

    I am a member of USAA. I have insurance, savings account and previously had my mortgage with them prior to filing chapter 13. I have now been discharged and my husband and i purchased another offering from USAA, membership to Explorer Cruise and travel. Her is where the problem begins. The offer came to us from USAA and we felt we would purchase it because it allowed us to pay over time for travel. Now i find they have locked us out of their link to the cruise and travel site however i can access my other accounts.

    I have called and spoken to them and they say that the lock out is good for 7 years after the filing of the bankrupcy. They solicited and now have sold me something through another party (i dont believe that explorer cruise and travel is owned by USAA) but will not allow access to the site to book my travel.

    This feels like punishment to me. Now i can book on the phone for travel so it's not the end of the world but the on-line site allows me to see what is available so i can work around what is open rather than working with a fixed date.

    Anyone have any feedback on what can be done or if this is legal?

    I don't know why they would allow access to some online services but not others. When you called, did you speak to a supervisor? I guess the danger if you push it too hard is that they will realize they should lock you out of all online access. It may be better to leave it alone and book your travel on the phone. I am unaware of anything that pervents them from allowing access to services because of your BK, as long as they don't say "If you pay yoyur discharged debt then you can have access." That would be an attempt to collect a discharged debt.
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      USAA is very picky about which services they allow after bankruptcy. They are trying to prevent accidentally presenting you will a bill for a discharged account. In fact, most banks restrict access after filing because they do not want discharge injunction issues.

      If you are able to book directly over the phone then they have not blocked you from anything but online access. Again, USAA blocks all standard access to the website for bankruptcy members. They only allow the "mobile" app which is limited.
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      I am not an attorney. Any advice provided is not legal advice.


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