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    This month we are at the halfway mark of the 5 yr Chapter 13!!!

    It's all downhill from here, hopefully more figuratively than literal.

    I also made the PAY OFF payment on our mortgage today. They didn't waste any time I checked my app in the bank parking lot and the loan is gone. It was a little complicated since they had to go through the BK department, even though I called ahead and asked what to do. I was told show and pay; it didn't go quite that easily. Oh, it was easy just took a longer time since the teller had to get a manager to help her and then they had to make calls. I was patient which the teller thanked me over and over, but honestly aside from being patient since it's the right thing to do I was worried inside--what if there's hoops to jump through via BK. I did not call my attorney since it was all known in the Confirmation papers and I was not required to pay more into the plan at the end of the loan. I am required to pay more when my car loan is paid off, which is approximately the last 6 or 8 months of BK.

    As for the "problems" we incur during the course of BK. I don't think I posted that my husband's car had the brakes go out, we knew it was coming. After months of car sharing, then our adult daughter buying a car and then my husband having a car to drive we are once again car sharing. He took it bad. But we knew it was coming. The good news is that there's about $1,000 in escrow we should be receiving and next month we don't have a mortgage payment so I think around Nov 1st we will be able to get the brakes and the tires replaced and the car should be good to go.

    I will find out more about the house taxes. A few people I know told me you can pay by the month, so I hope that that is the case instead of having to save up for 6 months then pay in a big chunk. I rather get a monthly bill and pay it.
    I have not got work on my second job and even though things are opening up I am hesitant to work elsewhere. I saw a great looking job advertised, but didn't even try. If I get covid I am out of work for 10 days as is my spouse. He gets paid if he's out I do not, well I only get the PTO I have which is less than 2 weeks. Plus at this time we have to be covid tested anywhere from weekly to monthly or even a few times a week depending on various variables in a nursing home and /or county. I decided just to hang tight for a while. Part of me feels like it's the calm before the storm of the next Covid break out. The President is tested daily and still came down with Covid, I know testing isn't a cure it just stops it from spreading further as we are contagious before we test positive! I was negative as of Tuesday, then again so was Trump before the debate!

    Our young adult daughter is moving out of our home this week. I feel like I am doing things wrong since I am spending money to help her with the move. My brain tells me I shouldn't, my husband is not too thrilled. She had a pay cut instead of having her decent pay and a raise, but at least she kept her job at home. I having been buying a little here and little there since we have known in advance (waiting on the people to move out of the apartment), buying some stuff like shampoo, cleaning supplies, spices, etc each week when I shop. I also am paying the movers because before Covid struck I had told her whenever you move I will pay movers since we can't carry furniture! I didn't feel like I could say no especially after her pay cut. I will add she is buying her own furniture and other items to start up. Since she has lived at home she basically needs everything and even going inexpensive it still adds up. She's not one to go totally frugal/freebies as I probably would have at her age.

    The budget is crunched, but it should start getting better after she moves. Her pay isn't expected to go back to "normal" until April if all goes well with the business.

    Overall the course is fairly positive, not easy and I don't feel "happy," but we can manage and I have learned not to worry as much and the worry I do have is not as intense as it was pre-BK. And I block out or ignore anything that makes me squirm "what if?" because there are some real scary scenarios out there!

    Big congrats , Carmella, on getting out from under that mortgage payment and owning your home outright!
    I'm sorry that you have to deal with a new car repair expense - our goal is to keep my 16 year old car running until at least Feb.2022 when the final BK payment is supposed to be made and then just ditch it (i. e. make no more repairs on it!). If we are allowed (my favorite new phrase) to sell the house soon after, if of course the court and trustee grant the discharge and the closing actually takes place some time in 2022, we may buy my husband a new car (with cash?) and I will drive his 2013 Nissan. But of course all this is dependent of whether we can get the house market ready with out having to spend huge $$$$ first! And naturally because of how badly we were ripped off here in every way possible, I would rather die than have to ever buy another house in this state! (I've had it here for life!!!!) I just want to leave Colorado for ever!
    The only thing forcing us to stay is really the trustee and BK13 - the house could be sold (with the panels) and my husband could work in another state. (The lawyer told us that as long as the trustee is controlling our finances, he would never "allow" us to sell the house! But after Feb. 2022, that has to end, doesn't it?LOL).
    Don't let any one make you feel guilty about helping your daughter out, as long as you can still make your payment to the court. Hopefully, you won't have any horrible emergencies until this finally ends ! Crossing my fingers for you guys!


      I should have clarified we still have the HEL, which is around $9,000 so we do not own the house outright yet! Our goal was to pay off the HEL ASAP and I would love to take the former mortgage payment minus the amount of taxes and pay off the HEL right away. I think we have to use the money for other things since I have been paying the utilities late, but not late (month behind) since I lost my second job and we are still making income tax payments since we didn't have enough to pay it off. Those things will have to come first. The plan is that we will be able to pay the HEL off before our Chapter 13 ends. Even if we cannot pay a lot I want to start paying a little more on the principal even if it's $50 a month starting in 2021. We also need to have a stash of emergency cash/emergency fund for stuff like car repairs, etc since right now we have nothing so that will take priority over the HEL right now. There's around 9 yrs left on the HEL and we paid so much into it, interest only for 10 yrs so it is a true pain and regret which is why I want to get rid of it the sooner the better!

      Barbisi It sounds like you are on the right track and waiting it out. Sometimes selling a house and breaking even is a good thing, too, just to get rid of of it. We sold our first house at a price to sell vs trying to get more. We had minimal profit, I don't even remember what it was under $5,000 for sure, but it was worth it after it sat a while due to the realtor listing it wrong (we had NO ONE even look at the house) and we were paying two mortgages for a few months.


        Carmella - Wow!! You have so much going on. Congratulations on paying off your first mortgage, what a great accomplishment. You may still have your HEL but it’s not a large amount and even if it takes a little longer than what you originally hoped for, the end is within reach; I’m very happy for you. And congratulations for making it to the half way point of your plan; another good accomplishment. I’m very sorry about your second job - the pandemic has caused so much pain and disruption. You’re a good mom who is helping out your daughter; I hope her move goes well and she is happy in her new place. My positive thoughts are with you and your family as we make our way through this unusual period in time.
        Filed Chapter 13 - 07/20/12
        Discharged 8/2/16


          Carmella, I forgot you still owed on the HELOC!
          We didn't have enough equity to borrow that way when we needed to do those desperately called for updates and repairs in 2014-2016. Well, no HELOC for us this time either - we'll just do what we have to , get out from under this crippling debt again and get the heck out of here forever!
          It seems like you guys had issues selling your other house too! At least we won't be buying another one for some time and certainly not in Colorado!
          The loss of the second job makes things that much harder with BK13 and Covid-19! Maybe something better will come your way soon!


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