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It's always something: Voluntary Payments IRS

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    Carmella, I wish you the best with getting done with those pesky IRS payments.
    Since one of Zombie13's two original 401k loans went in to default ( despite him regularly trying to pay them on time ), we will have a huge tax bill next year ,but thankfully it is for the smallest loan of the three (We just paid off the 33K one from this year and the other 6K+ from 2014 last week from the house proceeds )and only amounts to around 2K +.
    Once we get this final Colorado investor shack remainder of the original down payment paid off, we will have no further bad financial reminders of that state left to haunt us - I only wish we could have paid it off this year with the others!


      That's great Barbisi leave that state and the BK in the past!

      I decided to set up payments and not to rush through paying the IRS so my husband can move forward to get a car, but we need to save up a down payment since we want lower monthly car payments. I will see what they say next week regarding payments.
      I am not an expert. I just share my experiences in the Wonderful Wacky World of Chapter 13! Filed 3-30-18 Confirmed 7-11-18 Discharged 6-8-22


        I am still trying to deal with the IRS. I tried calling Friday, not realizing it was a federal holiday on Monday. I had the time so I waited on hold "up to an hour", but they kicked me off at 40 minutes, hung up on me.

        I couldn't find anything online. I am still not allowed to set up a payment plan. I looked for the transcripts again that sophieanne mentioned and everything I had paid or transferred is listed and it's noted the BK was discharged.

        I am on hold now at the IRS, but I doubt it's going anywhere. I need to leave for work so I will have to hang up if they don't answer. The wait time was estimated 15-30 minutes and right now it's 28 minutes on hold.

        I think the inexperienced worker should have never returned money to me, which I still haven't received and did not see anything on the transcript, but that year has a balance just under $500 which he told me I over paid! He must have made an error.

        I really don't want to make any online payments, I just want to set up a plan.

        Maybe the IRS moves so slowly that it's just going to take time. On the recording it says "if you set up a plan 6 weeks ago and haven't heard from us..." makes me wonder if they set up a plan how long before it goes into action.

        I really wish I could just pay it off over the next few paychecks and be done with it, but we need to get my husband a car and we have had another call from our old friend Murphy. But at least the BK is discharged and we can move on in real life!
        I am not an expert. I just share my experiences in the Wonderful Wacky World of Chapter 13! Filed 3-30-18 Confirmed 7-11-18 Discharged 6-8-22


          Ok on the phone for just over an hour.

          I called collections since someone in BK department told me to do so.

          Collections department tells me to call the BK department because they can help me with a post BK installment plan. Then she transferred me to the BK department. BK department says they cannot set up a plan I need to call the Collections department but wait about 3 weeks. I said above IRS is slow. He says "it's a computer thing" and I can continue to make payments in the meanwhile.

          I told him the condensed version of my payments under my SS not husbands and transferring them to husband's SS...he checked and there was still $800 on my SS. Which made total sense since I did make one payment the same day I found out I should have put under his SS. He transferred it to the account that had a small balance and the remainder to the year 2020. I had forgot about that last payment.

          He also said he saw nothing about the almost $600 being transferred back to me. I don't know what that means since I had 3 different people tell me they saw and even told me same amount. I guess I shall wait another 3 weeks or so and see if I get almost $600.

          This week I will make another payment and keep paying to at least bring down the balance. I only a small amount for 2020 and the full amount for 2021. I can't pour everything into it because we also have property taxes due in July.

          I didn't plan on going into work so late today. The flexible start time/hours are definitely a perk I value. But at least I know what's going on with the Taxes and I can plan accordingly.

          I think I will check back in 3 weeks, but not any time around the holiday weekend LOL
          I am not an expert. I just share my experiences in the Wonderful Wacky World of Chapter 13! Filed 3-30-18 Confirmed 7-11-18 Discharged 6-8-22


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