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Pay Stubs Chapter 13

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    Pay Stubs Chapter 13


    I filed for chapter 13 BK last week. I was wondering for those who have already been through the whole process, did you have to provide any paystubs between filling and your 341 meeting? I’m super nervous because I have some overtime on my upcoming checks and I hate for that to affect the proposed monthly payments because this little bit of extra money is only temporary.

    I’m in California if that helps!

    I assume every district is different, in my case here in New Hampshire, I did not need to present my pay stubs after I filed. Looking at my records, it's a good thing too as I got a surprise bonus worth about 6x my normal weekly salary 16 days after I filed.
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      I think that Chapter 13 Trustees go more by your last 2 years of tax returns along with what is listed on your B22-C and Schedule I. I don't believe I needed to send in any additional paystubs because my salary is very consistent.

      That is not to say if the Trustee asks during the 341 Meeting if your job changed. I would say that a little overtime is not a change in job.

      One of the Trustees in Florida says this (with respect to the 341 meeting): "Evidence of current income (payment advices or other documentation if no pay advices), for the six month period ending on the last day of the month preceding the month of the petition date."

      That pretty much tells me they are looking at the "lookback" period. Of course that doesn't mean that your Schedule I/J (forward looking) don't tell a different story.
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      Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


        Thank you everyone!


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