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Mortgage servicer will not allow access to their portal

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    Question Mortgage servicer will not allow access to their portal


    We are in C13 and have been paying our mortgage outside of that.

    Previously, our servicer was Flagstar and we had no issues dealing with them. We always had to speak with their bankruptcy department but we had full access to their portal.

    Recently, however, we were involuntarily transferred to RoundPoint mortgage. Similar to Flagstar when we call them, we have to talk to their bankruptcy department.

    Different, however, is they say they will not give us ANY portal access due to our status.

    So we can only get paper statements in the mail.

    I don't like this at all. Portals have far more information than a simple statement.

    Q - is this legal?

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    This happened to me as well. My original servicer limited but not removed access. I was then sold to another servicer that gave me almost no capabilities to the portal. Ironically, they incorrectly had me in the system as surrendering my home after 13. I found out about it, got my attorney involved to write them a letter and now I have almost full capability in the portal. Only thing I can't do is make a payment but I can do that on the phone with the automated system. I asked my attorney if this is legal and they said yes. Also happened with multiple other accounts included in my bankruptcy including my car and student loan. Frustrating but it is what it is.


      Unfortunately, if your new servicer's policy is to deny such access there is little you can do about it. Your attny can request that access be restored but restoration is up to the servicer. There is no law that requires a lender/servicer to give customers on-line access.



        Thanks for the replies! I just don't see why they are doing this I guess.

        We caught Flagstar before with a few mistakes. Harder to do that now just with a paper statement.

        Think I will write the CEO's office and see what they say.


          Yep like others have said it happens. I was calling the banks BK department every month to transfer money from my checking to the mortgage then one day I got access again. I had no idea why and I called the bank and they said I didn't have it. I didn't argue because it was obvious I had it. I then paid the mortgage that way. I don't understand why they do this. I also had to go to another bank to pay the car payment, it was a local bank. The other car payment was through Ally and I had to pay through a third party they had a link on their website. When one of my cars was paid off the attorney had to give the bank permission to tell me the pay off balance.

          I don't know why they can't have an easy system to pay mortgages and car payments especially since we HAVE TO pay them!!

          I hope at some point you get access back to the portal.
          I am not an expert. I just share my experiences in the Wonderful Wacky World of Chapter 13! Filed 3-30-18 Confirmed 7-11-18 Discharged 6-8-22


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