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Trustee Has Scheduled Closing

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    Trustee Has Scheduled Closing

    Well, it is almost done. The Trustee website has marked my case as closed. There is a check number from the trustee listed as outstanding made out to me, but I haven't seen it yet. In addition the website stated that the Trustee has scheduled a hearing for January 11, 2011. I assume that is when the discharge will come through (I hope). The lawyer's paralegal called and said that I should call them, but no message was left. I will call her when she gets back Monday.

    I will let everyone know when the discharge comes through.

    I also wanted to say what a great comfort this website has been. We are all going through a rough patch if a Chapter 13 is needed and it is great that there are sympathetic people out there that are willing to listen. It has meant a lot to me.

    Happy Holidays Everyone ! !

    Congratulations to you Nomad! And a very Happy Holiday it will be for you!
    CH13 - filed 30 JUL 09, $1521 @ 60 mos (100% payback)
    Done!!! - 01 Jul 2014 I'm free!! Discharged 9/23/14!


      Congrats to you!
      Ch 7 filed 8/15/11 341 9/22/11 Discharge 11/28/11
      The rebuilding begins



        Good for you Nomad - what a great start for the New Year!


          Nomad! Long time, no see - great to see you are so close to being done! You're finally at the Ch 13 finish line at long last! I'm so happy for you, and thanks for sharing your good news with all of us 13ers who are looking forward to being in your place when our discharge times finally come too!

          CONGRATULATIONS for giving us another Chapter 13 Discharge Party!!!

          Cue the party horns and confetti!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice nor a statement of the law - only a lawyer can provide those.

          06/01/06 - Filed Ch 13
          06/28/06 - 341 Meeting
          07/18/06 - Confirmation Hearing - not confirmed, 3 objections
          10/05/06 - Hearing to resolve 2 trustee objections
          01/24/07 - Judge dismisses mortgage company objection
          09/27/07 - Confirmed at last!
          06/10/11 - Trustee confirms all payments made
          08/10/11 - DISCHARGED !

          10/02/11 - CASE CLOSED
          Countdown: 60 months paid, 0 months to go


            Congrats Nomad - been a long road for you - time to celebrate!



              Chapter 13 Filed November 10, 2010 Indiana - Southern District - United States Seventh Circuit
              Attended 341 hearing 12/15/2010


                We are still on the same timeline. We received our refund check in the mail yesterday. One thing I found odd. The check was dated for last week and where it said that it only good for 90 days, they manually crossed out the 90 with a pen and wrote in 30 days. So technically they cut the check, waited a week to mail it and now I only have 21 days to cash the check. I deposited that check immediately, but wonder if they hope someone holds on to it.

                I have only been checking the NDC site so I don't know if we are scheduled for a closing hearing or not.



                  Wow, I just looked at my check after your post. Same thing here. I will go deposit that check first thing tomorrow. I have to travel to Alabama next week and I wasn't going to cash this until closer to Christmas. Thank you so much for your post. Sometimes you just have to wonder about their intentions.


                    Just a guess here, but they may bring the 90 day normal check cashing period down to 30 days to avoid any delays in closing out all the paperwork. They still have to account for those funds being cleared, I'd think.

                    Congrats to you both! It's nice to see so many Chapter 13 successes here, since so many of the information sites tell you how dismal the statistics are of people who complete their plan.

                    Merry Christmas to you both!
                    Filed pro se, made it through the 341, discharged, Closed!!!


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