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Trustee letter requesting permission to obtain a FHA mortgage while still in Chap 13?

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    Trustee letter requesting permission to obtain a FHA mortgage while still in Chap 13?

    Anyone get an 1st Mortgage backed by FHA while in Ch. 13?

    Does anyone have their letter to their bankruptcy trustee requesting permission to obtain the FHA mortgage?

    I know I need one but I don't know what to say or how to say it. I have looked everywhere online and can find nothing.

    I am curious how long it took to get the response. I am in New York.


    NYD, you don't mention if your lawyer is aware of this situation. Have you talked with him/her about this yet?

    Typically your lawyer contacts the trustee for you while your case is active and gets things rolling, no matter what the legal matter is. Most trustees will not interact directly with you as long as you have legal representation. Your lawyer will know how to write this letter to your trustee.
    I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice nor a statement of the law - only a lawyer can provide those.

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    09/27/07 - Confirmed at last!
    06/10/11 - Trustee confirms all payments made
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    10/02/11 - CASE CLOSED
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      I think basically you file (with your attorney if you have one) a "motion to incur new debt". This is what we did to get Auto Financing. Your lawyer will know how to word it and get it past the trustee for approval. If you are needing to modify your plan as a result, then you will have fill out that paperwork as well. We didn't go for modification, just the motion.
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