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  • W3ndy
    started a topic Mortgage reduction

    Mortgage reduction

    Louisiana here. I've come across an exception for a Ch. 13 of a mortgage reduction or fair market value of home should the home not be ones primary residence. .
    How would the rules apply when lender demands the property be vacated(via landline). Debtor moves out, a year passes, is still renting...
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  • JayTheAvian
    started a topic It's Complicated...

    It's Complicated...

    Just joined this site this evening. I'm a single father of a teenage son with primary custody. We live in Phoenix. I'm almost a year into my Chapter 13 case and now dealing with a complex set of issues and have a number of questions.

    First, I'll tell you what led me to file BK in the first...
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  • Exemption question 7 vs. 13? What would YOU do?

    I was going to file 7, but now am debating chapter 13. I currently owe $103k combined on 1st&2nd mortage, and the trulia/willow "ZESTIMATE" have it valued at $128K ($25k supposed equity?)

    The Indiana homestead exemption $19,300, which would leave me with $5,700 equity not...
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  • Where2start
    started a topic Over my head in taxes

    Over my head in taxes

    So I'm currently trying to help my mother navigate her financial troubles and I'm at a loss. She hasn't filled taxes since 2007 and the irs has been garnishing the majority of her wedges for past 3 years. After learning this news a few days ago we called them and set up a payment plan to reduce the...
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  • NextPhaseNow
    started a topic Chapter 13 and the aftermath

    Chapter 13 and the aftermath

    I am new to this site and am so glad I stumbled upon it. My husband and I filed back in 2014 and our last payment is later this year. I have questions since the lawyer we used doesn't seem to have too many answers.
    We have been making timely mortgage payments and just turned in our leased vehicle...
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  • Bugwood
    started a topic Attorney Woes and State Moves

    Attorney Woes and State Moves

    Hello all! I'm brand new to this site (discovered within the last week) and I'm eager to get some valued input from you all!

    BK journey began in late 2015 with filing of a C13. I was told of C7 eligibility but that changed after practically working 14hr + days for a few months (First Attorney...
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  • ducky78
    started a topic credit cards during chapter 13

    credit cards during chapter 13

    I am three years into a five year chapter 13 in NYC. Late last year I was offered a Credit One unsecured credit card. I took it with an initial limit of $300; a month or so later it was raised to $700. I was never told by my lawyer or trustee that I cannot take a credit card; in fact, when I asked...
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  • Disabled Veteran - Questions / PLEASE HELP

    I've been lurking for a bit but this is my first post. Seems there is more knowledge here then with some Attorneys so maybe someone can help me. I cant seem to find an answer to these questions. I meet with an attorney yesterday but even he did not know.

    We are in CA. My husband is...
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  • newtobksd
    started a topic Status Change

    Status Change

    Hello -- The status on my 13 changed from Active to Active-Open what does that mean? Are they manually reviewing it or ? ???/ Thank You....
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  • brandv1
    started a topic Disaster discharge?

    Disaster discharge?

    I have so many questions and concerns right now that I don't know where to start.

    We're in Baton Rouge, and last week our house was flooded (about 17 inches of water throughout the house and no flood insurance because we are nowhere near a flood zone), as well as both cars. One car was...
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  • jimcruz
    started a topic TSP loan while on Chapter 13

    TSP loan while on Chapter 13

    I've search for an answer to my question but found nothing so here's my question.

    I work for the federal government in Puerto Rico, I file for bankruptcy about 15 months ago and been paying faithfully since. I owe my dad $4000 and he wants his money back, I have a tsp account
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  • CaseyKnox
    started a topic Filing to save My Home!

    Filing to save My Home!

    I'm so ashamed that My life has came to this. đŸ˜¢

    Just received notice, that our home will be foreclosed on May 19th.

    Seems that Chapter 13 is the only option We have left. We're behind almost $8k.

    We also have medical bills, approximately $25k between...
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  • cspa522
    started a topic DISCHARGED!!!


    It's over! It's over! We did it! 60 long months and we're done! Logged onto the CM/ECF database - I've been checking every few days since we made the last payment/took the financial management courses/sent in all the necessary paperwork - and it's done! Discharged!!! I can't believe it...
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  • Judge Questions USA Discounters’ Choice of Bankruptcy Venue

    September 15, 2015

    USA Discounters Ltd., a retailer that has been accused of scamming U.S. service members, is defending its decision to file for chapter 11 in Delaware despite having roots elsewhere.

    Judge Christopher Sontchi, a nine-year veteran of the bench in one of the...
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    I am so relieved. My story began 5.5 years ago with a trustee’s audit, a ‘Presumption of Abuse’ and a Dept. of Justice Audit thanks to an inexperienced BK lawyer. It’s a long read but I can’t imagine anyone going through this gauntlet again so I chose to share the major lessons I learned...
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