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  • Ncbkguy
    started a topic Car Loan Claim

    Car Loan Claim

    So I finally filed for 13 and had my 341. Everything went much smoother then I thought it would in my head, I was a nervous wreck and asking a million questions to my attorney and he kept reassuring me he didn’t foresee any issues. He was very right 341 took all of 5 minutes and the trustee recommended...
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  • Caaa211
    started a topic Dismissing chapter 13 what will Toyota do?

    Dismissing chapter 13 what will Toyota do?

    I filed BK back in 2018. At the time I owed Toyota Fiancial 25,XXX. Per my lawyer I was told that due to the vehicle being so new I would have to pay 100% of the agreement to Toyota. I also have a loan through Santander for a vehicle. Owed 18,XXX at filing date. Santander saying if I’m dismissed I...
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  • Increased income during Chapter 13

    In the state of Maryland, am I required to report to the Court if my income substantially increases? I asked my lawyer when I filed 2 years ago, and he said no. But I came across something on Google today that directly contradicted him.

    I’m in a 100% plan, and my payment is already scheduled...
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  • Sln
    started a topic Home sale and purchase

    Home sale and purchase

    I have been in chapter 13 for almost 3 years. I sold my home and bought a new one, pending approval from trustee. My attorney assured me both would be approved. trustee approved sale but objected to purchase and wants more proof I can afford it. Has anyone successfully purchased a home while in chapter...
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  • codingirl79
    started a topic DoorDash and Part time work as needed

    DoorDash and Part time work as needed


    I am 7 months into our chp 13 plan. Making the trustee payment is fine. I acually started door dashing for extra money as needed. This is to help pay for food, clothing, and bills. Is it allowed to work Part time as needed after you case is confirmed? This is not a steady income...
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  • CARES Act - 401K withdrawal and Chapter 13

    My wife is in chapter 13 bankruptcy. Since she is the beneficiary on my 401K. I am aware that stimulus checks are exempt. I would like to know if 401K withdrawals under the CARES Act are also exempt from the bankruptcy. I am not part of the bankruptcy.
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  • DebtMan2020
    started a topic AP for a large PMSI loan

    AP for a large PMSI loan

    Hello all,

    Been browsing the forum for a while and can't seem to find anything quite similar to my case. I wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge or experience with a situation like mine.

    I filed for Chapter 13 late last year and am awaiting confirmation soon. My payments...
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  • Newbie here with some questions about creditor claims

    Good evening all,

    I am new to the board and just recently filed Chapter 13 in CA and am terrified of the upcoming 341 hearing and confirmation hearings. As it currently stands my payment will be quite significant and assuming all creditors due file claims will be around 60% of my balance...
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  • Justbaroz
    started a topic At a loss and out of ideas

    At a loss and out of ideas

    Colorado 2017 our house burned down and we lost everything. The only house we could find was higher rent. Months later I get demoted in a political coup and lose roughly 27% of my net income.

    2018 we're under so many garnishments and threats of pending new ones we can't afford to live....
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  • Disabled Veteran - Questions / PLEASE HELP

    I've been lurking for a bit but this is my first post. Seems there is more knowledge here then with some Attorneys so maybe someone can help me. I cant seem to find an answer to these questions. I meet with an attorney yesterday but even he did not know.

    We are in CA. My husband is...
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  • newtobksd
    started a topic Status Change

    Status Change

    Hello -- The status on my 13 changed from Active to Active-Open what does that mean? Are they manually reviewing it or ? ???/ Thank You....
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  • brandv1
    started a topic Disaster discharge?

    Disaster discharge?

    I have so many questions and concerns right now that I don't know where to start.

    We're in Baton Rouge, and last week our house was flooded (about 17 inches of water throughout the house and no flood insurance because we are nowhere near a flood zone), as well as both cars. One car was...
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  • jimcruz
    started a topic TSP loan while on Chapter 13

    TSP loan while on Chapter 13

    I've search for an answer to my question but found nothing so here's my question.

    I work for the federal government in Puerto Rico, I file for bankruptcy about 15 months ago and been paying faithfully since. I owe my dad $4000 and he wants his money back, I have a tsp account
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  • CaseyKnox
    started a topic Filing to save My Home!

    Filing to save My Home!

    I'm so ashamed that My life has came to this. 😢

    Just received notice, that our home will be foreclosed on May 19th.

    Seems that Chapter 13 is the only option We have left. We're behind almost $8k.

    We also have medical bills, approximately $25k between...
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  • cspa522
    started a topic DISCHARGED!!!


    It's over! It's over! We did it! 60 long months and we're done! Logged onto the CM/ECF database - I've been checking every few days since we made the last payment/took the financial management courses/sent in all the necessary paperwork - and it's done! Discharged!!! I can't believe it...
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