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    Late payments...

    Hello all! I have been making regular payments on my ch 13 for about 1 1/2 years, but then lost my job. My payment has been $2000 per month. Up until now, my account was $1600 in arrears from April.. my payment is due on the 25th. I do not have that complete payment.... I have gotten a new job now and will be able to pay April arrears, and the forthcoming May and June payments (total $4000).. totalling $5600 by the end of June... soooo.. I will be able to catch everything up.. Just will be a touch behind for a short time.

    Does anyone have any experience in this sort of "complication?" Especially in the State of Georgia... I am going to send them a letter explaining the situation and the payment plan.. "caught up in about 30 days with new employment verifiable"... I have told my lawyer about all of this.. and they stated if they filed a motion to dismiss, we would file an appeal.. and by then I should have things caught up...


    Thanks for any thoughts... keeping my fingers crossed of course!


    Welcome to the board cem40691q. You will more likely get responses if you post this question in the Chap 13 forum.

    I don't have anything to add to what your attorney says. Get it caught up and hope the trustee doesn't file a motion to dismiss. I think you or your attorney contacting the trustee to let him know what is going on is a good idea. But, don't contact the trustee yourself unless your attorney says it's okay.
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