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    Contact the Trustee

    I was discharged on 7/7/2011 on an asset case. On December 2011 I finished paying the Trustee all the money he asked from us. Since then, nothing. No news. Case is still open. I spoke with my attorney and he is against contacting the Trustee to find out updates. Is he right? [to adopt the waiting strategy] Or should I try to call the Trustee and to pretty please ask him the status?

    The location is the very sunny state of Arizona.

    Thank you,
    Ch.7 filed: 2/23/2011 Discharged: 7/7/2011 Asset: Yes Case Closed: 7/30/2013

    You can try, but since you are represented by an attorney, the office personnel will most likely not talk to you, instead referring you to your attorney.

    We had a very long wait with our Asset 7 case as well. We were discharged on Aug. 13, 2008. Our case did not close until November 3, 2009. Now, we learned that via PACER and the mailings that the court sent out. Our very own rather inept, attorney did not officially notify us of this status until more than a year had passed.

    If you are confident of your attorney's abilities, then I would wait and be patient--a very hard thing to do, I know.

    ETA: If you still have your PACER account, you can check periodically. Toward the time that your case is going to close you will see internal memos regarding 'Final Audits' and things of that nature. That is how we learned that one of my medical providers tried to promote themselves above that of our major creditor, the IRS. That motion was soundly defeated.

    Good luck to you! We miss seeing you around.
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      I just read your blog and another thread. You were in a 6 month payment plan with the trustee. I'm guessing that you finished the payments only a couple of months ago at the most. The trustee needs to distribute the funds to your creditors and wait for those checks to clear and do the final audit. The process takes time. I think you should take your attorney's advice and wait. You have your discharge. That's the most important thing. The closing will happen.
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        Thank you both for your quick answer.

        I will wait, what else can I do? If it wasn't for my abandoned property, I would really not care. But that house costs me around $1,000 per year , plus major harassment from HOA.
        I'm so looking forward to that date when my name will not be on the deed anymore.
        Ch.7 filed: 2/23/2011 Discharged: 7/7/2011 Asset: Yes Case Closed: 7/30/2013


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