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Stacking Exemptions

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    Stacking Exemptions

    I am resurrecting this thread because I have the exact question (except I am in FL, so different statutes apply, but I am stacking a wildcard with my vehicle exemption).

    I am inclined to list the vehicle on only one line, but list more than one statute as LadyintheRed suggests.

    I moved this to its own topic because the other one was 4 years old and was for Pennsylvania.

    In general, what LadyInTheRed wrote is correct. We normally just cite every statute, or the Florida Constitution, for which we are claiming for the property on Schedule C.

    EXAMPLE ONLY: 2001 Ford Fiesta, value $2,000, F.S. 222.25(1) & F.S. 222.25(4)

    Noting that the F.S 222.25(4) is the unused Florida Homestead Exemption valued as a $4,000 wildcard. You will need to make sure you don't exceed the values by keeping your own running total (e.g. for 222.25(4))
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