We have two vehicles. One is titled in just my husbands name and the other is jointly titled in both of our names. UT allows $2500 per filer, or $5K if both filing. Both of our cars are worth about the $2,500 ea. His is a 12 year old Mustang and mine is a 9 year old minivan and both are paid off.

My question is that if he files a ch 7 singly How does a jointly owned vehicle come into play? Can they take it because his name is on it, or is it exempt because I am on the title as the joint owner and not filing.

I don't know if this matters, but I am the primary driver of the van.

Utah has no wild card and is not subject to federal exemptions.

(Although, I would love to see what a potential buyer would think they should pay of a mini-van used to drive small children and a large German Shepherd around that is usually covered in crumbs and has stains and a torn side panel from a 2 year olds frustration, oh and was also in a wreck, fixed, but still some minor body damage from garage doors, etc. )