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  • Panicking! Chapter 7 and auto loan unable to pay online!

    Panicking! chapter 7 and auto loan

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    • Abby8299
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  • Vacate notice charging rent from Bankruptcy Date

    Does the Trustee have the legal grounds to charge rent from date of petition to the time property is vacated, though no rental agreement was entered? The Vacate Notice was one year after Petition filed with no previous communication concerning date to vacate property.

    Do they also have...
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  • rebuilding30
    started a topic Devices & Verizon Wireless...

    Devices & Verizon Wireless...

    My incredible shock today: seeing $2,143.00 in credits to my Verizon Wireless bill as their Bankruptcy department was notified of my filing.

    Historical: I worked for Verizon for a few years (2008-2011), and learned overtime how to pay for my phone bill in arrears (late) without being cut...
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  • M42
    started a topic How to deal w/Wells Fargo after deciding to file Ch7?

    How to deal w/Wells Fargo after deciding to file Ch7?

    Hi yet again,

    Since the last charges on my WF credit card were on 01/29/19, I decided to wait and file Ch7 on April 30 so that there'll be a full 90 days between the time I last used the card and the time I file. Not worth the risk to file sooner, IMO, even though my charges were for either...
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  • Swolfe12
    started a topic Anexity getting the best of me?

    Anexity getting the best of me?

    Im meeting with my lawyer to sign my petition Friday and I'm sure when I get to go over everything with her and talk thinga through I'll feel better but I have extreme anxiety and have kept myself up at night reading as much as I can online about everything ..i debated for days posting here but I figure...
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  • Salem3671
    started a topic Debating firing my bankruptcy attorney

    Debating firing my bankruptcy attorney

    My bankruptcy was filed in July 2017 and discharged November 1st, 2017.

    I had a personal injury case pending at the time and it was converted from a no asset case to an asset case and the PI was attached to the bankruptcy along with part of my 2017 taxes.

    I reaffirmed on my...
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  • ChefKate
    started a topic Trustee fraud?

    Trustee fraud?

    I have no idea if this is the right location for this question so please forgive me if it isn't.

    Our bk was discharged in October but it is not yet closed. We owned a house on about 11 acres free and clear where the mother in law had been living for free. She refused to move so we had...
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  • jrockfl
    started a topic Filing non consumer chapter 7

    Filing non consumer chapter 7

    I have an online business that has been losing money for the past few years. I had to go back to work as a software developer.
    I met with an attorney and he says that I would qualify for a non consumer chapter 7. In addition to the failing business I have a rental
    property that have I never...
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  • dlbutler1026
    started a topic How To Fix My eBay Account

    How To Fix My eBay Account

    Hi, I know this has probably been listed before, but how do I get my eBay account to reflect a $0 balance, I absolutely included it on my BK. Both eBay and Paypal, and while my Paypal is back to zero, the eBay account still reflects a negative balance. I really would like to keep my current account...
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  • Ch7 discharge two months ago, just applied for CapitalOne Secured card and Declined

    My chapter 7 was completed and discharged two months ago. I just applied for a Capital One secured credit card, my first attempt at one, and was declined. They were one of my creditors, if that matters. One of the things the application asked for was salary, which at the moment is only about $14,500...
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  • i messed up my chapter 7 and now might face dismissal/criminal charges?

    I filed for chapter 7 in February, I was drowning in credit card debt and payments for student and personal loans. Over the past 5 years my debt went from 50k to 200k, a lot of compulsive buying and taking from one card to pay another escalated my debt fast. By February of this year I had only been...
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  • Grod
    started a topic Chapter 7 Automatic Discharge Question

    Chapter 7 Automatic Discharge Question

    Good Morning!!! I’m a newbie to the forum and let me start by saying this forum rocks! I found more information here than what I could get from my lawyer whom is making money!!! The million dollar question is, if my case is already on “automatic discharged” status does it mean that I should go...
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  • momto4k
    started a topic After 341 meeting, what happens now

    After 341 meeting, what happens now

    Maybe I'll have better luck with a response here:

    Filed Ch. 7- 12/29/17; 341- 01/25/2018

    I received a letter from BK court, this is just a shortened version:

    Notice having been previously given that creditors of the above-named debtor were not required to file...
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  • astory
    started a topic Cars not picked up yet

    Cars not picked up yet

    Hi! I'm new posting but have been reading the forum for a few months. My chapter 7 was just discharged a few days ago and I wanted to know if/when the lenders will pick up the cars?

    History. --- I had 2 other Chapter 13 that were dismissed for late payment. So I basically filed 2 chp13...
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  • bubbadirect
    started a topic SPRINT contract and lease?

    SPRINT contract and lease?

    i will be filing for Chapter 7 in a couple of days. i currently have a contract with Sprint that includes leasing 5 cell phones. (started in May 2017, ending May 2019)

    attorney's paperwork asks "do you intend to keep or surrender"

    whay does this mean? do we get to...
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