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  • Triciasue792
    started a topic Ch 7 pro se per diem

    Ch 7 pro se per diem

    I am trying to figure out how I document per diem when filing joint chapter 7 pro se. My husband worked out of state for about 3 of the past 6 months and if i have to include that in the gross income when filling out means test, it will put us over the income limit. It is labeled as "living out...
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  • Galadriel
    started a topic Problematic Bankruptcy [AZ]

    Problematic Bankruptcy [AZ]

    Hi guys

    I screwed up. I misrepresented my income to acquire two personal loans (Upstart and Upgrade). I was unemployed. Each loan was for ~10k

    It wasn't right but I thought I would quickly find another job in the pay range I represented for my loans~50k.

    I have...
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  • Bankruptcy Petition and signing appointment

    This is my first post and we have our signing appointment Wednesday. We will be filing chapter 7. I’m just curious because I’m looking at the overwhelming petition documents online, we filled out the entire bankruptcy worksheet which basically is all the same information that’s in the petition....
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  • Thingshappen
    started a topic Changing Tax withholdings over the years

    Changing Tax withholdings over the years

    Hello, I have a question about tax withholdings. We used the IRS website to recalculate the 2022 taxes to ensure that we have enough to pay the tax bill. But we also did it in a way that we either break even or get a small refund (less than $800). So the question is, are you allow to change your tax...
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  • Does the signup bonus for a job obtained after filing count as a windfall?

    I'm finally about to file Chapter 7 because money has run out, and will need to get a job afterwards. The pay will be above the means test amount for California, so I can't get the job before filing.

    I received conflicting advice from attorneys as to when to start applying for jobs:...
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  • paying back navy federal after discharge


    I filed a chpt7 back in October 2021 will be receiving my discharge soon. i have a vehicle loan i reaffirmed with Navy Federal and a credit card with navy federal that i included in BK. my qiestion is, if i pay back the credit card after discharge what are my chanced of getting approved...
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  • Previous Credit Card History After BK 7


    If I had 11 years as my oldest card before BK, will it erase those years on my credit report? One of my oldest credit cards that I was again given after BK said I was a member for 11 years, but my credit report says my oldest card was 2 years. Which one is right as far as an offical...
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  • Mortgage Co Refuses to Issue a Verification of Mortgage

    Hi. I filed BK7, discharged in 2012. Did not reaffirm my 2 mortgages, both were with Bank of America, then they sold the 2nd mortgage last year to Select Portfolio Services.

    I'm now refinancing. Bank of America gave a Verification of Mortgage to the new loan processor but Select Portfolio...
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  • Emu
    started a topic Credit card income

    Credit card income

    I’m filing for chapter 7 and I realized I had inflated my income on credit card I believe I was making 36k and I made it 55k my meeting is in a couple weeks. I haven’t spent money on them or had any crazy purchases but I’m freaking out that I will have an AP after my hearing. Any advice?...
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  • Terminated versus Satisfied in Pacer

    Hi there, I haven't seen this particular scenario asked about, so I was hoping to get some insight.
    I had my 341 on 12/8/2020, pacer has it listed as satisfied. I took the post-341 debt management course that weekend, got the certificate, it was submitted to my attorney and to the court, and I've...
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  • Statement of Insufficient information from US Trustee


    My wife is currently going through Ch 7. Today, we received a letter from the UST stating "...Statement of Insufficient Information Necessary to Make Presumption of Abuse".

    It mentioned something about missing some required means testing documents,, etc.....
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  • Debating CH. 7 BK or to negotiate being used by creditor

    Hi! I am new to the community. I am looking for advice of whether or not to file for Ch. 7 BK or to try and negotiate a 31K debt consolidation loan with the attorneys who are suing me, court date is January 5, 2021. Any help/advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If I do go through with the...
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  • Salem3671
    started a topic How long can the Trustee keep my BK 7 open?

    How long can the Trustee keep my BK 7 open?

    I filed my Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July of 2017. It was discharged 11/01/2017. The Trustee took my 2017 taxes (partial) and the pending settlement of a MVA that she received the funds for in February of 2018. She has had all of the available cash for over 2 years. On 01/14/2020, the final report and...
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  • Subibrokeme
    started a topic Pending Statuses?

    Pending Statuses?

    Checking on PACER for the first time ever, wondering if anyone can help me understand?
    Chapter 7, Asset: No
    Vol: v
    Date filed: 01/14/2020
    Date of last filing: 02/19/2020
    STATUS: “awaiting Discharge”
    BEGIN DATE: 01/14/2020
    TIME IN STATUS : 66 days
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  • TXSleepless
    started a topic New here with a rant, and ready to file!

    New here with a rant, and ready to file!

    Just finished all required paper work and classes today. The lawyers will review next week and we will discuss the next steps.
    I'm worried about so many things! This process is so humiliating intimidating and exhausting! Looking back we have awhole lot of nothing to show for our current situation...
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