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    Hey All,
    I am in the process of looking for attorneys. I have talked to several, but found one I really liked. I was looking more and noticed she was in a different county (I live on the border of two counties in North Carolina) this county is in the middle district of Nc where I live in the western district of Nc. Anyone ever run into this, when talking to her it really wasn’t brought up, are there any potential issues that could stem from that?

    Welcome to BKForum.

    I haven't personally run into that, but I definitely see attorneys admitted to the Bankruptcy Court for Florida, appear in any of the 3 separate districts and more than 10 divisions. It would really likely matter if that attorney is part of a large mega-firm or if the distance between the districts/divisions is too great.

    Just double confirm that your attorney takes cases for the Western District, or ask in which district they will file your case.

    It's a good question.
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    I am not an attorney. Any advice provided is not legal advice.


      An attorney admitted to practice in your State and the Federal District Court sitting in your State can practice in any court located in your State. The County is not an issue. As to the distance between courts such is not an issue either. Today, most, if not all, bankruptcy hearings are either telephonic or by video conference.



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