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Any Issue with Insurance Premiums?

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    Question Any Issue with Insurance Premiums?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with homeowners insurance (or car insurance for that matter) dropping them or raising their premiums. I know that your credit score is used to calculate your insurance score and read online (I know this is not always the best info!) that it can have an impact on your insurability. Mine went up by $600 from pre BK. Any thoughts?

    Mine went up HUGE, unfortunately I can be dense sometimes and never associated the higher premiums with my Chapter 13. I ultimately switched insurance companies during my last year, once again, only because I found rates which were well under half the rate I was paying and not due to any connection to the bankruptcy. My car insurance rates for two paid off cars owned and driven by two older drivers with clean driving records and no loss history dropped from about $2,850 to a much more comfortable $1,112 per year.

    To this day I still don't know if my rates went up because they simply went up ever so gradually over the 20+ years I was with that insurance carrier, or if it had something to do with my financial situation.
    Latent car nut.


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