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End of Chapter 13

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    End of Chapter 13

    I'm in a Chapter 13 which I filed on 3/25/2019. The NDC BK website states I'm 60 months in the plan as of 3/08/2024. Unfortunately, I have arrears and the trustee told my attorney I had 5 months remaining out the 60 months. Also there has been a loss of income in the home. My attorney is aware of the household changes. However, he did not mention the next steps to take in this matter. So, I decided to schedule a meeting with him today.

    I'm so tired/frustrated and want this to be over with any day now.

    At this point I'm thinking about a voluntary dismissal.

    I wish everyone the best on their Ch 7/13 journey.

    I would never voluntarily dismiss a Chapter 13 when it's within just a few months of discharge. Perhaps you could get a hardship discharge but you'll have to speak with your attorney about what options you have. A conversion may also be in the picture if you have a substantial change in income and your district allows conversion based on your current financial condition (and not at the time of filing).

    Unfortunately you are in Michigan which starts the plan countdown at confirmation. It is only one of two States that do not start the plan clock until confirmation. The supermajority of States start the clock upon the first payment to the Trustee. So you truly do have 5 months remaining (if your plan was confirmed 5 months after filing).

    When did your household income change? I always tell debtors to immediately, and with all due haste, inform their attorney to see if your plan payment (and plan base) can be adjusted. Many debtors wait too long and end up not being able to complete their Chapter 13. I'd like to see you receive a discharge in your Chapter 13. Don't forget to ask about conversion. If you did any lien stripping on your home that is a major advantage to stay in the Chapter 13.
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    Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


      justbroke It was early last month when my household income changed, and my attorney was notified immediately. It's now April, he has not contacted me regarding this situation, so I had to set up a meeting. I will ask about the conversion never heard of it before. So, I had to look that up. I will definitely ask about the plan payment (and plan base) can be adjusted and hardship discharge. I'm going to try really hard to complete this plan. Thank you


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