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    Chapter 13

    I am chapter thirteen and Impaying a hundred percent to my creditors. I recently received $14000 from Wells Fargo. For a car, they mistakenly repossessed way before I filed for bankruptcy. My trustee is wanton to keep to check and apply it to my case, but not like any amendments to my plan. Is there a way I can keep this from Happening and receive part or all of the check? Also I might be moving in. What to sell my house? OK, what's the best way to do that and still keep my equity. I have about a $100000 in equity. What would be my best option if I do Relocate and want to sell my house?

    Talking to your attorney is your absolute best starting point.
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      Definitely talk to your attorney. My thought on this has always been that if you're in a 100% plan then you don't need to "surrender" disposable income to the Chapter 13 Trustee. You also want to sell your home and you would need permission to do that anyhow.
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      Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


        Definitely talk to your attorney for advice how to handle these situations. How much longer are in you the Chapter 13? Where will you live if you sell the house? You will need permission to sell and if you get a new mortgage you will need to get that new debt approved as well. Find out all the details and how it will affect your Chapter 13. personally, I wouldn't want to move during Chapter 13 unless there was no other choice it was complicated enough to buy a new car and take out a new car loan!
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