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Obamacare and us poor folks

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    Originally posted by lillymarlene View Post
    I have, right now anyway, affordable state insurance. Only problem is, please don't flame me, looking at some of these posts, I sure wouldn't want to move out of this state. I also have to be wary about taking on any part-time job, since it could possibly push me out of, or to another "level" for this insurance. Though, employers here are forced to offer insurance for full-time employees and must pay at least 50% (should that ever happen.)
    A friend of mine moved to Norway (his wife was Norwegian) because she could not get insured without paying a ridiculous amount of money because of a preexisting condition. She's over there having babies and will come back in a few years when there situation changes.
    Healthcare is a privilege in this country and unless we want to become more like Europe it will always be a privilege.


      I agree^ My boyfriend and I have pre-existing conditions, too. Then a friend of ours moved away to another state for awhile, and he was absolutely horrified. He said there was nothing, just no "programs." (Now he's back here in Massachusetts.)


        Originally posted by Nursemikki View Post
        My suggestion was to go with a state plan, but it looks like you've already tried that. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
        By state plan, I'm assuming you tried your state's version of Medicaid? In Arizona it is called A.H.C.C.C.S. They come up with some weird names, but it is really just Medicaid.

        It may not help you much now, but in 2014, you will likely be able to get on it when the Medicaid Expansion goes nationwide under Obamacare.

        In the meanwhile, you might look for your local equivalent of this...

        They have been extremely helpful for me and very cheap and affordable. They base your bill on your ability to pay. A sliding fee scale, if you can't afford insurance.

        And always keep in mind your county hospital:

        "Financial Assistance Program

        Affordable Health Care

        At Maricopa Integrated Health System, we know seeking medical care can be overwhelming. That's why we have developed a program to help you deal with the financial stress of paying for the health care you deserve.

        MIHS' Financial Assistance Program is designed give you realistic payment options. Applicants must apply for, and be denied, AHCCCS to qualify for our Financial Assistance Program.

        Key facts about MIHS' Financial Assistance Program

        Maricopa Integrated Health System has professionals ready to walk you through the AHCCCS application process. Call the clinic nearest you to begin the application process.
        Based on federal guidelines, you may be eligible to receive medical care from Maricopa Medical Center. (Based on AHCCCS denial)
        A sliding fee scale will be used to determine the percentage of your bill you will pay. To find out more about the sliding scale, call the MIHS Business Office at 602.344.8181.

        Even if you don't qualify for AHCCCS, MIHS' Financial Assistance Program will help you get the quality care you need.

        To learn more about MIHS and our Financial Assistance Program call 602.344.8181 today.

        Financial Assistance Program at a glance

        You must apply for AHCCCS coverage and be denied to participate in the Financial Assistance Program.
        The Financial Assistance Program uses a sliding fee scale that determines what you pay based on your income level and household size.
        Maricopa Integrated Health System can help you even if you are uninsured or underinsured. We are your community health care system, and we'll work with you to prove it.

        What you need to know

        Who: Anyone who resides in Maricopa County.
        What: Must apply for AHCCCS.
        How: You will need:

        Identification: Current I.D. or birth certificate for every person in household as well as Social Security cards.
        Proof of Income: Information that verifies income for at least the last 30 days. If not received any income in the last 30 days, a statement from the person(s) providing financial support is required.
        Proof of Address: Document verifying Maricopa County residency. Can be a: recent utility bill, rent/mortgage receipt, voter registration card or a letter from a non-related landlord or neighbor.
        Citizenship or immigration documents.

        When: Call the Family Health Center nearest you. "
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          I pay over 500 out out ot pocket a month for a family of 4....No breaks thats just health insurance


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