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I hate rain!

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    I hate rain!

    I am so used to it going for literally months without a drop of rain and nary a cloud in the sky, and now I wake up this morning to go on my morning walk to McDonalds to get my cup of coffee and watch the sun rise and the pigeons gather on the billboard across the street and then just as the sun rises they all would fly off in unison, but no! It had to rain today and throw off my morning ritual.

    Oh well.
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    that was sweet

    funny thing i had actually missed the rain the first few years here in florida. where we moved it rained a total of less than 5 days in 3 years. and water costs money here!! my poor plants

    i have a van gosh umbrella i can lend you, it will be make your walk quite colorful at least you will not get hit by a car, i can't promise you about a raindrop tho.
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