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Weird product description at Walmart

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    Weird product description at Walmart

    One of my chihuahuas has been scratching her neck raw, and what worked in the past was dusting it with sulfur powder, so I went online looking for it, and here is what I found at Walmart:

    "Sometimes associated with hell and the devil, Sulfur, or Brimstone, is actually quite good for destroying an enemys hold on you or preventing curses and hexes..."

    I wonder if Walmart realizes that this product description is on their website?
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    They certainly do realize this as this is in the "extended" catalog section. It is no different than Amazon's extended store which allows other companies to sell product through a major retailer (Amazon, WalMart, Best Buy, etc).

    Look at the description for "Arrowroot"... "It is believed that Arrowroot may increase ones good fortune- It is also believed Arrowroot can make opportunity more visible on ones horizon"

    (Note: both are products sold by through WalMart.)

    You actually had me looking for Eye of Newt!
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      My momma used sulphur powder mixed with lard to cure mange.
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        Looks like Walmart still has some interesting employees.
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