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Cell Phones After Bankruptcy

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    Originally posted by AngelinaCat View Post
    Get a pay as you go plan. 'Hub and I have that with Verizon, and so far we are pleased. We just do the phone calls. We do not do chat, text, or anything else. We don't need all that *krap*. We just like to have the phones in case of emergency.
    Thank you's so nice to hear someone else does what I do. At first I thought I was the only one in the world without a cell phone, so last month I got a pay as you go phone from AT&T which is awesome. I get carry over minutes and have it strictly for emergencies. There are actually times I don't want to be found and I really just want a phone that acts as a phone
    Filed Chapter 13 - 07/20/12
    Discharged 8/2/16


      I added another line to my Verizon account (contract) last month. No problems with approval.


        I switched from Verizon to AT&T about 6 months ago and I had no problems. I'm about 2 years out of a BK. I was current on all my bills when I filed so I'm assuming that's the difference. If you were late you might have more problems getting a contract.


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