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  • paying back navy federal after discharge


    I filed a chpt7 back in October 2021 will be receiving my discharge soon. i have a vehicle loan i reaffirmed with Navy Federal and a credit card with navy federal that i included in BK. my qiestion is, if i pay back the credit card after discharge what are my chanced of getting approved...
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  • Previous Credit Card History After BK 7


    If I had 11 years as my oldest card before BK, will it erase those years on my credit report? One of my oldest credit cards that I was again given after BK said I was a member for 11 years, but my credit report says my oldest card was 2 years. Which one is right as far as an offical...
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  • Emu
    started a topic Credit card income

    Credit card income

    I’m filing for chapter 7 and I realized I had inflated my income on credit card I believe I was making 36k and I made it 55k my meeting is in a couple weeks. I haven’t spent money on them or had any crazy purchases but I’m freaking out that I will have an AP after my hearing. Any advice?...
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  • Livin' la vida sin credit in a nice pre-BK limbo, why would I even file?

    It's been more than 6 months since I realized I'd have to file BK due to my company shutting down and being unable to continue repaying a large medical debt. I made my last credit card purchase in April. Since then, I've asked a bunch of questions here, many people have been very helpful, and I've learned...
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  • freshstart21
    started a topic Question New to this with many questions

    New to this with many questions

    Hi forum experts,

    I'm so glad I have found this forum since there are so many threads with great useful discussions.

    I have been unemployed since just before covid and is currently overseas. We (wife with a 2 and 4 year olds) decided that we should stay overseas because covid...
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  • Credit Union Vehicle Reaffirmation question

    Filed Ch7 Nov 2018. Had two vehicles and a credit card with a credit union. We had decided to reaffirm under an agreement that they would not be cross collateralized and that payments would be reported to credit agencies. The CU didn’t accept reaffirmation (without our knowledge). We continue making...
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  • Married, single bankruptcy, balance transfers, OH MY!

    Good afternoon! I've been lurking this forum for a while, and was hoping someone could share their insight on my scenario.

    My husband and I have been struggling with credit card debt for a while. It recently came to a head when a water line in our front yard was leaking (2500$), our car...
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  • Cheryl84
    started a topic Balance Transfer Issues

    Balance Transfer Issues

    I am including 4 credit cards in my Chapter 7 to the tune of $17,000. 3 are from Chase, 1 Discover.

    I used a balance transfer offer to send $2,500 to 1 Chase from Discover 6 months back. There was an offer for 18 months no interest and transfer fee free. That card, which has only the balance...
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  • tess_bk
    started a topic Consolidation Snowball - CC or Loan?

    Consolidation Snowball - CC or Loan?

    I'm talking about the good kind of snowball, where you "snowball" your debts until you pay them off. (Google it! It's really cool.) I already did it once quite successfully a couple of years back, then got a bit sloppy with using CC's and ended up with a few thousand in credit card debt again....
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  • BankruptinNJ
    started a topic I Don't Want Any Credit Cards!

    I Don't Want Any Credit Cards!

    I was starting to get "pre-selected" credit card offers and I made a decision: I don't want them! I know that I am a shopaholic and I will only get into trouble.

    I thought that I wanted a secured card to rebuild my credit and did apply online for the Public Bank secured one...
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  • What, me worry? Young adults get self-esteem boost from debt

    June 6, 2011

    Instead of feeling stressed by the money they owe, many young adults actually feel empowered by their credit card and education debts, according to a new nationwide study.

    Researchers found that the more credit card and college loan debt held by young adults...
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  • Bad credit sends more students packing than poor grades

    June 4, 2011

    According to a survey of student loan applicants by loan provider Nellie Mae, 83 percent of college undergrads use credit cards and the average card debt was $2,327 in 2001. Furthermore, the college students surveyed steadily increased usage rates and balances. From freshman...
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  • Shoppers cool down their credit cards

    June 2, 2011

    If gas prices don’t slide, expect more online shopping

    What you make of May same-store sales depends on what you want to see.

    Retailers, pointing to a 4.9% gain from year-ago sales, see it as evidence that their business continues to improve....
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  • Watch out for unregulated credit cards

    May 22, 2011

    The sudden interest-rate hikes, high fees and steep penalties that last year’s credit card regulations were designed to eliminate are still lurking in one segment of the credit card market: cards designated for businesses.

    As a result, consumers who don’t...
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  • 5 Credit Card Myths You’d Regret Buying Into

    May 10, 2011

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away; swallowed chewing gum remains in your stomach for seven years; lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice; cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis. Whether you call them myths, old wives’ tales or urban legends, there is...
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