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  • bubbadirect
    started a topic Question: BK filing fee waived?

    BK filing fee waived?

    I'm looking at obtaining counsel, but have 2 questions first.

    1) should I apply for the bk 7 filing fee to be waived, based on being under the 150% Federal poverty guidelines of $36,450 (family of 4) FIRST, then get a bk lawyer?

    2) what determines the FPL guidlines for filing?...
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  • lanakirby
    started a topic Chapter 13 Allowable Recreational Expenses

    Chapter 13 Allowable Recreational Expenses

    My attorney says the "standard" expense a trustee will allow for recreation, clubs, entertainment, etc is $100 per month. This gives a married couple $25.00 per week for recreation. You can't even see a movie for that. REALLY??? Will the trustee object if you ask for a more reasonable...
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  • Bankruptcy in Indiana for someone who just moved to New York?

    Hi folks! I'm a bankruptcy newbie and this is my first post.

    The main question here is should/can I file bankruptcy in Indiana or New York? I ran up credit card debt in Indiana, but am currently "visiting" New York (just got here). I am currently unemployed and sleeping on a...
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  • pookiebear
    started a topic automobile trade question...

    automobile trade question...

    Okay so my husbands credit was not good after he filed bk in 04' he hit a deer an the car was totaled out, he needed a vehicle (this was in 07') I got the truck in my name (it was used) the truck was getting older and had lots of miles on it. (also hubby made all payments) so he traded it. (the trade...
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  • pookiebear
    started a topic English translation please...

    English translation please...

    I am in Indiana, trying to save my "Joint" property

    Property held as tenancy by the entirety may be exempt against debts incurred by only one spouse
    Ind. Code Ann. ยง 34-55-10-2 (c)(5)

    I am filing alone...also does this mean the house or (whatever) we...
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  • I am going to finish my pro se filing on Thursday.

    I have been sick since the 19th, the day I did the emergency petition. (a debt collection 3rd party was suing me)

    I went to the library and checked out about 5 books, 2 of them were very helpful. I have no choice but to go through with this as a lawyer won't touch it now. I am stressed...
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  • Indiana bill would allow municipal bankruptcy


    Indiana lawmakers next year will take up a bill that would establish a process to aid financially struggling local governments, ultimately allowing them to file for municipal bankruptcy.

    State Senator Ed Charbonneau, the bill's sponsor, said on Tuesday it...
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  • retlaw
    started a topic Not sure direction to take

    Not sure direction to take

    I previously filed chapter 7 in early 2005 . Since that time I had gotten fired from my job , but they somehow proved I was not worthy of unemployemnt after receiving almost $7000 of benefits that I ended up repaying to Indiana. I have been unemployed now for more than 2 years and had just been taking...
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